Rent Los Angeles’s Best Refrigerated Shipping Containers & Cold Storage Units

May 17, 2024

If shipping and storing temperature-sensitive products is a big part of your daily operations, then you should consider renting some refrigerated storage containers from Conexwest (888-759-0596) in Los Angeles, CA!

It doesn't take long for perishable goods to perish. Milk, for example, can go bad in as little as two hours if left unrefrigerated. If you don't want to cry over spoiled milk, then you need to rent a cold storage unit, freezer, or reefer container from Conexwest! Their units are capable of maintaining temperatures as low as -76°F and range in size from smaller 20ft refrigerated containers to much larger 40ft blast freezers.

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Built For Freshness

Conexwest has carefully designed its refrigerated containers to be able to store temperature-sensitive products for extended periods. “Our reefer units will keep your fruits, vegetables, meats, and pharmaceuticals safe and sound during their long journeys across the seas, roads, and railways,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “Whether it’s hot, humid, or chilly outside, your goods will stay in their comfort zone all the way to their destination.”

Plenty Of Options To Choose From

The most popular units in Conexwest’s range are its standard 20ft and 40ft single-phase and three-phase containers. These units come with either a Carrier & Daikin cooling system or a Thermo King cooling system and have cooling capacities anywhere from 70°F to -40°F based on an ambient temperature of 100°F.

If you're looking for units capable of reaching colder temperatures, you can choose one of Conexwest’s 20ft or 40ft three-phase blast, deep, or super freezers. These units have greater power supplies and adjustable evaporator ceiling fans, which enable them to lower cargo temperatures faster than other refrigerated containers.

Safe, Secure & Durable

All of Conexwest’s cold storage units are made from sandwiched stainless steel, keeping them well-protected and visually appealing. They also feature weather-resistant insulation foam and aluminum sheeting, both of which offer added layers of protection.

Customizable Too!

In addition to being safe, secure, and spacious, Conexwest’s cold storage units are also fully customizable. You can add windows, shelves, ramps, stairs, lights, and additional power outlets if needed. They also give you full control over the entry configuration; you can opt for single-door entry, double-door entry, or side-door entry.

About Conexwest

Conexwest has been providing its customers with safe and secure storage and shipping solutions since 2013. Currently, the company serves over 28 states; however, it plans to expand to the rest of the contiguous U.S. soon.

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