Rent Cold & Reefer Storage Containers In Los Angeles For Perishable Produce

Jun 3, 2024

Looking for a cost-efficient 20ft 208-230 V single-phase refrigerated storage container or a reefer cold storage container for rent in Los Angeles? Conexwest has you covered (855-878-5233).

When you're storing perishable items like fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy and even pharmaceuticals, you can't risk any problems with your temperature settings. These items have specific storage needs, and a breakdown in temperature-controlled systems can mean huge losses along the supply chain.

Conexwest rents the highest quality cold and reefer storage containers in Los Angeles. Get in touch now for a cost-efficient container you can have delivered directly to your location:


Included in their lineup of cold and reefer storage containers are 20ft 208-230 V single-phase refrigerated storage containers which are particularly beneficial if you have perishable cargo that must be maintained at a certain temperature, but you don't have access to three-phase power. Conexwest designed these containers just for businesses like yours.

Known for their high-quality storage and shipping containers, Conexwest offers a full range of innovative, cost-effective options to meet your needs.


Refrigerated containers and reefer containers serve distinct functions.

Reefer containers feature built-in refrigeration machinery for precise temperature controls, making them the ideal solution for perishables with shorter shelf lives, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, and pharmaceuticals.

Refrigerated containers, also known as ‘reefer boxes’ are portable units that rely on external refrigeration systems and are a cost-effective solution for temperature-sensitive cargo and frozen goods.

A spokesperson for Conexwest explains:

“We rent and sell 20ft single phase storage containers, 20ft refrigerated cold storage containers, and 40ft refrigerated cold storage containers as well as a range of super freezer containers. We pursue excellence and exceed industry standards simply because we build it better."


A sophisticated thermally regulated system is what sets the refrigerated containers at Conexwest apart from standard containers.

These units offer a temperature range of 0°F to 38°F (-18°C - 3°C) and can operate in ambient temperatures from -4°F to 118°F (-20°C to 48°C).

Key features include:

  • emergency exit tabs,
  • easy-open doors,
  • flat floors,
  • interior time-delay lighting,
  • plastic strip air curtains,
  • electrical defrost strips, and
  • door switches for inner air circulation,

all of which ensure optimal performance and safety.

The company’s refrigerated storage containers are crafted from sandwiched stainless-steel sheeting with foam insulation, providing excellent protection against external elements. Containers can be customized to include windows, electrical outlets, plumbing fixtures, and more.

Conexwest offers onsite delivery and pickup of their cold and reefer storage containers throughout Los Angeles and across the US. You can get a quick estimate through their online quoting system available at the Conexwest website.

A recent client says, "I have been using Conexwest for quite some time and they still continue to make me happy. They have a proper number that you can reach them at, plus an online email contact form. Their variety of storage containers include regular storage, cold storage and freezers in sizes that range from 10ft to 45ft. They are in high demand because they offer good quotes and have many return customers. Five stars."

Got dairy? Or any other perishable cargo that requires reliable, temperature-controlled cold storage? Conexwest has you covered. Learn more at

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