Renowned Vancouver, WA Dentist Offers Same-Day CEREC Crown Dental Restorations

Nov 16, 2023

Looking for the best solutions to repair or replace damaged or missing teeth? Cascade Dental (360-892-2994) brings you an abundance of treatment options to restore your smile and confidence.

Whether it's cracked, chipped, broken, loose, or missing, these restorative dental experts have the best solutions you need to restore the glory of your pearly whites!

From single caps to full mouth transformations, you’ll find a wide variety of treatment options at Cascade Dental!

What’s more, the practice uses cutting-edge techniques and technology to make its procedures as fast and efficient as possible. Many treatments can be completed in just a day – eliminating awkward, lengthy processes, trays of goop, and oh yes, even pain too!

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At Cascade Dental, you’ll find a comprehensive range of services to restore your dental health, function, and aesthetics for one, multiple, or full sets of teeth.

Regal Crowns

To strengthen weak, broken, or worn-down teeth, you can receive same-day CEREC crowns. With this procedure, the dentist takes a 3D digital scan of your affected tooth and uses a software program to design a crown which is milled onsite. “Patients benefit from the superior CEREC performance,” said Cascade Dental. “The process is very comfortable and precise - reducing the chance of an ill-fitting crown, and it can generally be completed within 2 hours.”

The practice's other types of crowns include metal, porcelain, and porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) options. The latter combines the strength of metal with the natural appearance of porcelain and is suitable for both front and back teeth.

Incredible Implants

If you’re missing teeth due to injury, decay, or disease, Cascade Dental offers biocompatible titanium implants. These restorations stimulate bone tissue growth and restore dental balance and alignment, improving bite and chewing function. Available types range from mini-implants to replace single front teeth or premolars, to all-on-4 implants that support a full arch of artificial teeth.

Dazzling Dentures

If you are more suited to dentures, you can opt for full, partial, or implant-supported appliances that directly attach to the jawbone. In addition, Cascade Dental provides temporary dentures that can be worn immediately after extractions or as a transitional appliance preceding permanent dentures.

Brilliant Bridges

To fill in a gap without removing tooth roots, the practice offers various types of dental bridges that are supported by your adjacent natural teeth or implants. These restorations can be constructed with porcelain to blend in with your surrounding teeth, or gold, depending on your preferences.

Other procedures performed at the practice include onlays and inlays to repair moderately damaged or decayed teeth. You can also opt for full-mouth reconstructions that combine a variety of restorative techniques.

About Cascade Dental

Voted Best Dentist of Clark County, Cascade Dental has served the Vancouver community for over 20 years. Owned by Daniel E Wilson, DMD, its services include general, cosmetic, preventative, and emergency dentistry.

A satisfied customer said: “I have been a patient at Cascade Dental for many years and am very grateful for the care that I have received there. The staff are sensitive to their patients' comfort levels and always explain each step, so there are no unwelcome surprises or anxieties.”

For the best restorative dental services you need in Vancouver, call Cascade Dental today at 360-892-2994!

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