Reliable Winnipeg Synthetic Turf Supplier Installs Fake Grass Lawns & Landscapes

Jun 20, 2024

Has Winnipeg’s weather got your lawn looking terrible? Then why not switch to an artificial grass lawn from Canadian synthetic turf expert Lazy Lawn (1-888-622-5296)?

Rain, wind, snow — Winnipeg sees a lot of all three, which is bad news if you have a natural grass lawn. It can get oversaturated, compacted, and pick up fungal diseases that cause rot and decay. But there is an easy solution to these problems: switch to an artificial grass lawn from Lazy Lawn! Their team of experienced synthetic turf installers will provide you with a natural grass alternative that is able to withstand the city’s harsh climate.

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More Than Just Lawns

In addition to lawns, the company can install artificial grass on terraces, landscapes, playgrounds, pet play areas, patios and balconies, and swimming pool decks. They also have the capability to perform large-scale installations, such as sports fields, mini-golf courses, putting greens, and urban or commercial applications.

“With Lazy Lawn, you get the best of both worlds — we're your turf supplier and installer,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “Our premium synthetic grass will decrease your water consumption and enhance the look and value of your home almost instantly.”

Many Grasses To Choose From

Lazy Lawn offers four different varieties of grass all with their own colours, thatches, backings, pile heights, and face weights — Kentucky Blue Lite, Lemongrass, Spring Fescue, and Natural Fescue. Kentucky Blue Lite and Lemongrass are the company’s higher-end options, while Spring Fescue and Natural Fescue are more affordable.

Along with the grass, Lazy Lawn provides all of the supplementary materials, from seam tapes and weed barriers to high-performance bedding and anti-microbial OptiFILL infill. These supplementary materials not only ensure the longevity of your turf but also improve its performance and drainage.

Built For The Conditions

Besides being virtually indistinguishable from real grass thanks to their natural-looking polyethylene and polypropylene fibres, Lazy Lawn’s artificial grasses are also UV-protected and weather-resistant. They require very little maintenance as well and menial tasks like mowing, seeding, and fertilizing are eliminated entirely.

“Lazy Lawn did an amazing job installing my Natural Fescue artificial grass lawn here in Winnipeg,” said a satisfied customer. “The quality of the grass is outstanding, and it looks and feels natural. I'm very happy with the results and highly recommend their services to anyone looking to enhance their yard.”

How To Get

Those interested in having artificial grass installed on their property can get a no-obligation estimate by calling Lazy Lawn at the link in the description or by visiting the website below and using the instant DIY quote generator.

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