Reliable Weapons Racks and High-Density Shelving for WA Military Facilities

Dec 4, 2023

If your military base needs better weapons storage, Spacesaver offers a line of high-density solutions with streamlined weapons lockers and shelving for maximal efficiency and readiness.

As a highly-trained military professional, you know how important it is to keep your weapons in tip-top condition.

To help make sure you and your team are always ready to do your best in the line of duty, Spacesaver offers a range of sleek, secure weapons storage solutions for your facility.

The company’s selection includes their configurable and deployable Universal™ Weapons Rack (UWR®), as well as wall-mounted gun lockers, TriCON weapons containers for shipping, and customizable 4-post shelving units.

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With options to suit your military storage needs - whatever they may be - the weapons racks from Spacesaver include solutions for optics, ammunition, and high-security items, as well as rifles, long guns, and your collateral gear.

A recent report from the U.S. Army shows that responsible storage is a fundamental component of best practices for firearm safety and handling, as proper storage can help reduce the rate of weapons-related accidents, as well as the risk of theft or damage. The entire line of weapons storage racks from Spacesaver is designed with security, accountability, and accessibility in mind. “Military installations trust us to provide weapons storage solutions that can help your officers be prepared for any situation,” says a company representative. “We’ve earned trust that can only be gained through decades of proven military success.”

The Universal™ Weapons Rack (UWR®) from Spacesaver allows optics and accessories to remain assembled and zeroed to weapons - during deployment as well as in storage - while the perforated sides and doors make it easy for you to conduct inventory assessments. Fully retractable doors also provide increased capacity and the UWR® system offers additional protection against vibration, movement, abrasion, and shock.

For temporary handgun storage, the company's high-density wall-mounted gun lockers are especially suitable for interview rooms or common areas on a military base that require maximal security but may be short on space. Neoprene-lined shelves in the units reduce noise and minimize the risk of damage to your weapons, and the lockers are available with a variety of different lock styles.

Designed in collaboration with the U.S. Navy, Spacesaver’s TriCON high-density shipping containers allow all branches of the military to transport a wide range of weapons securely, alongside repair parts and whatever additional gear your team needs.

You can easily combine the company’s Weapon Rack III with existing case-type or 4-post shelving to create storage for long guns and pistols, with configurable options for all types of small arms, including shotguns, tasers, M4, M16, AR-15, and MP5 weapons.

Make sure your facility's storage solutions are streamlined and optimized with the weapons lockers from Spacesaver!

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