Regrow Your Hair With The Best Genetic & Nutrition Scientific Treatment

Mar 4, 2020

Dr Robert Nettles’ research has uncovered the secret of healthy hair regrowth. Check out his unique treatment program that combines genetics and nutrition to give you back your hair!

Looking for the best way to regrow your hair? Read on to discover the amazing scientific treatment that is guaranteed to help you regrow your hair and improve your overall health!

Dr. Robert Ray Nettles, a medical doctor and clinical research scientist, announced the discovery of a new science-based hair regrowth program. The result of Dr. Nettles extensive research in various fields, the program includes nutrition, genetics and lab-driven recommendations personalized to the needs of each client.

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The recent announcement comes after years of intensive research by Dr. Nettles and his interdisciplinary research team, which includes scientists, pharmacists, stress management experts and nutritionists.

Dr. Nettles’ research concluded that hair loss is indicative of a deeper biochemical imbalance related to both inherited genetic predispositions and less than optimal nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Using a technology called X-Ray Crystallography, Dr. Nettles was able to pinpoint the exact genetic bio-markers of hair loss in both men and women. He examined the specific enzymes that are affected by the genetic predisposition to hair loss, and used the data to identify the ingredients that could be effective in repairing those enzymes.

Dr. Nettles’ resulting hair regrowth treatment is based on a thorough initial assessment to determine your genetic profile, nutritional and lifestyle factors potentially affecting your health and hair growth. This extensive preliminary analysis, called the Biochemical Report Card, is used as the foundation for his Precision Hair Regrowth Program (PHRP) called Stop and Regrow, which is personalized according to your unique needs.

Dr. Nettles has already helped numerous patients experience healthy hair regrowth, as well as improve their overall health through positive nutrition and lifestyle changes.

A satisfied patient said: “I've been with Stop and Regrow about 10 months and couldn't be happier. I'm seeing regrowth of my hair, and Dr Nettles and his staff are outstanding. They are always eager to assist with my questions about the process, and they’re truly experts in what they do. I have no reservations recommending them to anyone who has a problem with hair loss and only want to see them succeed in what I think is a game changer in the hair loss industry.”

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