Reefer Shipping Containers For Food: Rent 20ft Refrigerated Cold Storage

Mar 12, 2024

If you’re in need of a refrigerated shipping container but you’re concerned about upfront costs and repairs down the line, certified nationwide storage and shipping container supplier Conexwest (855-878-5233) has you covered. Rent an affordable 20ft. Refrigerated Cold Storage Container, today!

There's a lot to think about when you're shipping goods that require cold storage. Beyond the technical side of things, you also need a flexible and cost-effective option with quality assurances you can rely on.

When you rent a 20ft. reefer shipping container from Conexwest, you can tick every one of those boxes. Learn more and schedule your rental now, at


Conexwest strives to deliver the highest quality shipping container and storage solutions across a wide variety of sectors, so no matter your need, they've got your solution.

Their 20ft refrigerated shipping containers are built to maintain temperatures of between -20°F to 70°F, offering you the lowest temperatures available in the cold storage industry.


If you're in the freight or cold chain industry, you know that refrigerated containers (reefer containers) are crucial to your day-to-day operations. And while all reefer containers use a cooling system to constantly circulate cold air, you need assurances your cargo will be safe and secure. Leaks and damaged products can mean substantial revenue loss, and no one needs that. Conexwest gets it.

The reefer containers they rent are insulated with spray foam to stabilize temperatures and reduce energy consumption. Running on 3 phase electrical connection, these containers are more cost-effective than gas, and you'll never need to deal with refueling hassles.

Pro tip: Your Conexwest cold storage container is hygienically designed and sealing-free with side lining and scuff protection. It's built and tested to fulfill - even exceed - industrial standards and regulations. Low tare weight makes this a high-payload designed container with a low CO2 footprint.

A spokesperson for Conexwest explains:

“Conexwest is an ISO-certified nationwide storage and shipping container supplier with AWS-certified fabrication refurbishment services. We specialize in the supply, fabrication, and modification of storage and shipping containers. Our customers know they can rely on us to provide the highest standards of production and quality assurances. Clients get top-of-the-line durable, secure, and leakproof reefer rentals at affordable prices.”


The temperature-controlled 20ft refrigerated shipping containers Conexwest rents (and sells!) are fully insulated on all sides, offering the lowest humidity available on the market. They also offer a multi-temperature setting (MTS) option and are certified for cold treatment control in compliance with USDA requirements, so you get utility and peace of mind.

From small-scale residential purposes to large-scale corporate and industrial projects, Conexwest offers the versatility you need for your storage, shipping, and even temporary office requirements.

Available on a month-to-month rental basis, compact Conexwest 20ft reefer containers give you a more cost-effective temporary storage solution for temperature-sensitive cargo like food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, chemicals, and agriculture.

Benefit from the shortest lead times in the industry and ground delivery to your site. Rent a 20ft. cold storage refrigerated container from Conexwest, and get your goods from point A to point B at temperatures an igloo would envy. Learn more, rent now at

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