Reduce Your Retail Store’s Monthly Expenses With This Bill Negotiation Service

May 27, 2024

Most businesses today are being overcharged for essential services like utilities, telecommunications, and other overhead costs. By using Recession Resister’s Bill Saver, you can identify these overages, have them corrected, and look forward to a substantial refund.

Did you know you are probably paying more than you should be for your retail store's utility, telecommunications, pest control, security, water and/or waste management services? By running your paid invoices through Recession Resister, any overages you've been charged in the last three years can be identified and refunded. You can also be connected with the utility company in your region offering the lowest rates for the services you use.

Is it time you found out how much you're owed on overpayments you've made for your store's monthly expenses? See what kind of refund you're entitled to at


With their Bill Saver and in-house team of expert negotiators, Recession Resister offers you a simple yet comprehensive solution aimed at reducing a range of your overhead costs.

And who couldn't use a little bit of that?

Let's face it, in today’s competitive brick-and-mortar retail landscape, optimizing profit margins is essential for sustained success and growth. With supply-side inflation putting the squeeze on your operational expenses, you are most likely doing what you can to run a pretty tight ship.

Now it's time to find all kinds of extra savings you didn't know you were entitled to. Ready to streamline some costs?


Recession Resister's smart technology ensures you are not overcharged for essential services like electricity, gas, utilities, telecommunications, pest control, security, water, and waste management.

A company spokesperson explains:

“At Recession Resister, we understand the challenges faced by retail businesses in today’s economic climate and complex markets. Our Bill Saver service is designed to alleviate the financial burden overhead expenses place on business owners by identifying and correcting overcharges, errors, and unnecessary fees embedded in monthly bills.”

Once these errors and egregious fees are identified, the team at Recession Resister ensures you are refunded for all your overpayments. This results in an instant injection of funds and reduced invoices going forward.

Services involve a range of cost-cutting measures, including bill auditing, contract renegotiation, energy auto-switching, energy efficiency strategies, tax strategies, and merchant processing services.

Recession Resister advocates on your behalf, bringing any overblown utility rates in line with market prices and refunding you when necessary. For companies unwilling to renegotiate fees, Recession Resister offers an auto-switching service that connects you with providers offering the most competitive rates for the same bundle of services you're used to.


Energy efficiency strategies offer additional savings opportunities while reducing your business's energy consumption. Depending on the type of retail store you own, you stand to save between 10% - 80% on your energy costs.

Using Recession Resister, you can quickly unlock significant savings which can then be redirected toward growth and expansion, helping you optimize your overall financial performance so you can build the empire you're dreaming of.

There are no upfront fees for using Recession Resister. Instead, you pay just 50% of the savings the service secures on your behalf. If there's zero savings to be had, you pay exactly zero dollars.

Looking to enhance your business's financial resilience? Implement Recession Resister’s suite of Bill Saver services for instant cost-cutting strategies and the potential for substantial savings going forward.

And here's the best part: you don't have to lift a finger. No combing through invoices, no bickering with service providers in an effort to lower your rates and get your overpayments refunded. Recession Resister does everything for you so you can sit back and enjoy the savings.

Learn more about Recession Resister right now at

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