Reduce The Risk Of Catching Colds When Traveling With Oxygen-Based Nasal Sprays

Nov 27, 2022

When catching a flight, do you always seem to catch a cold too? Would you like a powerful, all-natural nasal spray to help boost your body’s immune system whenever you travel? Then add IAmOxygen’s Defender nasal hygiene spray to your bag!

Reduce The Risk Of Catching Colds When Traveling With Oxygen-Based Nasal Sprays

With the approach of colder months, the increase of catching colds and illnesses also rises. As a result, those traveling to visit friends and relatives are more likely to interact and breathe in the air of individuals who are spreading viruses and other pathogens.

If you know you’ll be traveling during the holiday season, you’ll want to help protect yourself against the sneezes and sniffles of your fellow travelers.

That’s why IAmOxygen developed its Defender nasal hygiene oxygen spray as a natural and portable solution for boosting your nasal immune system when traveling.

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The bio-oxidative spray is a 100% natural product that uses billions of liquid oxygen molecules to help protect your nasal passageways, making it ideal when traveling on planes, trains, or in areas with large groups.

By offering Defender in a 60ml bottle with an in-built dispenser, the company’s spray gives you an easy way to help quickly boost your body’s defense against airborne pathogens.

The nasal spray works by moisturizing your nasal passageway and dry mucous membranes, which reduces the adhesion of bad actors and pathogens whenever you breathe in. This helps to improve the effectiveness of your nose’s protective mucous membrane, improve the immune system, and reduce nasal inflammation.

IAmOxygen’s Defender spray was developed using organically sourced and bioavailable oxygen as a natural and non-toxic alternative to over-the-counter nasal sprays. Additionally, as well as being a natural product, IAmOxygen’s spray is also vegan and cruelty-free.

Each bottle of bio-oxidative nasal spray comes in a portable 60ml bottle that contains approximately 500 sprays from its dispensing nozzle. The small size makes the spray a perfect addition to your travel bag, so it is on hand whenever you need to boost your defense from airborne pathogens.

If you are looking for additional oxygen-based products, you can find IAmOxygen’s full range on their website. You can also try their Rejuvenator skin recovery spray as well as Infusion, a solution of billions of concentrated oxygen molecules that can be used to help boost the body’s natural blood oxygen levels. Higher blood oxygen levels are how the body naturally defends against disease, your body uses oxygen to induce and accentuate important functions of immune response.

A recent user of the nasal spray said, “I began to use it twice a day during an extended trip to Europe. Several of my fellow travelers became ill during that trip, but I stayed healthy and free of infection throughout.”

Make sure your flight is the only thing you catch this holiday season with IAmOxygen’s Defender nasal hygiene spray!

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