Reduce Operating Expenditures & Boost Profit Margins With Bill Savings Platform!

Jan 22, 2024

To help you get your business into the green, Recession Resister offers their Bill Saver platform, a tool for small and local businesses to reduce overhead expenditures and increase profit margins.

You love being a small business owner - but you may sometimes struggle to keep out of the red.

If you want to eliminate excessive expenses and be smarter with your overheads, you need to sign up for the Bill Saver service from Recession Resister!

The company's platform is designed to show you areas of your business where you may be over-paying for regular services so you can cut down on unnecessary expenditures and watch your profits go up.

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Trim Financial Waste

As utility costs continue to rise, the Bill Saver tool from Recession Resister helps your business trim financial waste and move towards healthier profit margins by negotiating competitive rates for regular services like telecommunications, sewer/waste, electricity, and gas.

A recent Forbes report shows that 57% of small businesses in the United States cut spending during 2023, with business owners citing rising inflation and payroll expenditures as top reasons for their need to reduce costs. Recession Resister acknowledges the difficulty of making ends meet, especially for local, small businesses, which is why their Bill Saver platform is designed to identify areas of potential savings for your company.

“Many small business owners have no idea that they are overpaying for services they use every day,” explains a spokesperson. “We work to reduce bills so you can sit back and enjoy the savings, using our smart technology and team of negotiation experts.”

Identify Possible Refunds

As part of the Bill Saver platform, Recession Resister will perform a bill audit, looking at your organization's spending patterns over several years to find out where possible reductions or refunds can be made.

Their trained negotiators will also contact your regular service providers - including internet, security, payroll, waste management, pest control, and water delivery - to get the best available rate. No changes to existing services are necessary. The service includes an energy auto-switching feature, which will automatically transfer your business accounts to a different provider if a more competitive rate is uncovered.

Save On Energy Costs

The team examines and analyzes large-scale appliances in your business, such as HVACs, freezers, or coolers, to help reduce consumption levels and save on energy costs. They’ll also provide guidance on tax savings, with employee retention tips and strategies to maximize credits.

Finally, the Bill Saver platform helps you eliminate others types of costs, such as credit card processing fees, by providing your company with ways to pass these expenses on to your clients directly.

Don't keep throwing your hard-earned money down the drain - sign up with Bill Saver today!

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