Reduce Mucus Buildup With AirPhysio: The Best At-Home Asthma Management Product

Mar 29, 2022

If you’re looking for reviews of the AirPhysio when it comes to effective asthma treatment, Life Wellness Healthcare has you covered. Watch the latest videos today!

Reduce Mucus Buildup With AirPhysio: The Best At-Home Asthma Management Product

On the new YouTube channel for Life Wellness Healthcare, you can see real-life use cases for the AirPhysio in action! Check it out today to see what a difference it can make in your life.

Life Wellness Healthcare have recently uploaded new video content to their YouTube channel as part of a patient education campaign. The videos show real results and reviews from those using the AirPhysio lung device.

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The newest upload focuses on the experience of a customer who suffers from a chronic cough and resides in a nursing home. Her daughter reported that she can now speak more clearly and strongly, has gained confidence, and is feeling better overall after using AirPhysio.

Other videos on the YouTube channel offer in-depth information on the lung strengthening device by providing more personal stories, reviews, unboxings, and demonstrations. You’ll also find videos with advice on breathing exercises and managing lung conditions.

AirPhysio is an Australian-made drug-free device that helps people suffering from illnesses such as asthma, COPD, and cystic fibrosis amongst others to strengthen their lungs and loosen mucus buildup naturally.

The device harnesses oscillating positive expiratory pressure to loosen mucus and to aid your body’s natural processes to clear it from the lungs. The device is fast and easy to use, with only five minutes on average needed once or twice a day to produce results.

You are directed to exhale into the device, which begins the vibration process. Because it’s a lightweight product, it can be carried with you wherever you go. This allows you to strengthen your lungs and improve breathing, either at or away from home.

Life Wellness Healthcare is an official distributor of AirPhysio in the USA. They also offer other products for those who experience respiratory health conditions, including AirPhysio accessories, pulse oximeters, and inhaler spacer chambers.

A recent customer has said of their experience using AirPhysio: “This is a simple yet very effective device. I’ve suffered from lung challenges for many years, and I instantly felt an improvement the first day I started using this. Consistency is key, but it sure works.”

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