Reduce Monthly Expenses For Truckers With Bill Negotiation & Switching Service

Jun 27, 2024

Trust the team at Recession Resister to lower your monthly bills, and help you find the best deal for monthly contracts – without any time investment on your behalf!

When you're a trucker, you're on the road a lot – and that can make it hard to stay up to date with all the changes in your monthly contracts. But did you know you can work with Recession Resister to keep track of your bills and negotiate better rates on your behalf? It's a great way to save money!

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It's all managed for you

The service covers a wide range of bills and contracts, from satellite TV to internet, phone bills, and energy.

Let's face it, when you travel a lot, you often require some of the most expensive mobile contracts - and you are unlikely to have the time to keep up with incremental price increases. Through its Bill Saver program, Recession Resister aims to offer an all-in-one solution.

Recession Resister believes that up to 80% of people could be overpaying for their regular recurring bills, largely due to unnoticed increases over time, and because many people fail to reevaluate their existing contracts and subscriptions.

Get savings within weeks

With Bill Saver, you can upload your bills through the secure Recession Resister portal, and the team will immediately begin negotiating with service providers on your behalf, identifying potential savings opportunities and pursuing them without any effort from you.

The team explains that the service is particularly beneficial if you're a trucker because your tight schedules don't allow much room for DIY negotiation. By outsourcing the task, you can increase financial efficiency and optimize your spending.

Within weeks of submitting your bills, the Recession Resister team will present you with the available options, allowing you to decide whether or not to switch to the new deal through the same provider. You can then take advantage of savings without investing significant time and effort into the negotiation process.

You don't pay anything upfront

Recession Resister operates on a performance-based model, charging you only when savings are achieved. In such cases, the company receives 50% of the savings, ensuring that you both benefit from the arrangement.

A spokesperson states: "With Bill Saver, our smart technology and team of negotiation experts ensure you’re not being overcharged. We work to reduce your bills so you can sit back and enjoy the savings."

Don't let another month go by where you're overpaying for your rates!

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