Reduce HVAC Energy Costs For Condos With The Best Savings As A Service

Jan 18, 2023

You know your buildings need upgrades. You know you’re wasting money on energy year after year. Because CapEx has you by the throat. Not any more! No need for a debt slide (fun as that sounds)! Call Onsite Utility Service Capital (844-768-7227) today!

Reduce HVAC Energy Costs For Condos With The Best Savings As A Service

When flights across the country were grounded last week you may have seen a reference to the FAA flight notification system - specifically that it was created in 1947 and designed for mariners!

Sometimes, people just don’t get around to investing in upgrades - until either a) it’s too late or b) the status quo is just costing too much money!

Onsite Utility Service Capital (OUSC), offers condominium facility managers a complete, installed clean-air solution without putting their own capital at risk by having to buy the equipment or pay for any continuing maintenance. All of the firm’s projects are funded-as-a-service, including maintenance and monitoring, which guarantees the upgrades necessary to maintain peak performance with energy savings through AHRAE 62.1.

Face it: once the pandemic chatter fades, you'll be back up against your old enemy, CapEx - and air purification probably wouldn't have made the cut!

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Onsite Utility Service Capital (OUSC) offers multiple clean air as a turnkey service solution for condominium facility management: the decreased heating and cooling expenses result in energy savings that are used to offset equipment and installation costs. Moreover, Onsite's multiple clean air solution purges odors, particulates, viruses, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the building’s indoor air, without emitting any hazardous byproducts like ozone this allowing for a reduction in make up air.

Energy efficiency as a service or ‘savings-as-a-service’ is a pay-for-performance, off-balance sheet financing option that enables you to carry out energy and water efficiency projects with no up-front capital outlay. Costs associated with project conception, construction, and upkeep are covered by the provider. Utility programs like OUSC that use this model can produce substantial energy savings for customers.

Onsite Utility Service Capital provides a nationwide platform for turnkey energy efficiency solutions that deliver you savings from the outset. The company features a comprehensive range of HVAC solutions for commercial real estate, municipalities, healthcare facilities, hotels, and manufacturing plants - to reduce energy costs and increase your profits.

Onsite uses multiple solutions and technologies based on the building's HVAC system, occupancy rates etc. and as a result, airborne allergens, bacteria, viruses, and VOCs are eliminated from buildings - ensuring that every space has the ideal ratio of ionization to supports occupants’ health, well-being, and overall satisfaction.

Other solutions offered by OUSC include chiller and voltage optimization, waste consulting, and water conservation. For example, in order to keep cooling towers efficient, scaling and corrosion have to be minimized. Any cooling tower system can be upgraded with OUSC's zero-investment anti-scaling and anti-corrosion systems.

"The majority of buildings' energy infrastructure has been ignored for too long - a little bit like the country’s bridges. But in this case the main issue has always been capital expenditures, or the CapEx problem", explained a company spokesperson. "We designed our program to solve this problem at-scale nationwide. We collaborate with local lighting, mechanical, HVAC, and refrigeration contractors and bring our solutions to their client base. It’s a win-win-win."

Think about it this way: invest in your future without having to invest in your future! That didn't really help, did it?! But you understand!

You can call 844-768-7227 or go to and look for a solution that fits your needs today!

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