Reduce Car Dealership Employee Turnover Rates With This Staff Retention Software

Nov 27, 2023

By signing up for Retentrics, you get a detailed breakdown of the impact of your employee turnover. This allows you to make smarter decisions, protect your business, and ultimately build better systems for growth!

Are you fed up with employees leaving without understanding what the problem is? In order to build a successful auto dealer business, you need a clear picture, so you can grow your company and create a great team.

Retentrics can help you with just that! It's pretty handy because the Job Opening and Labor Turnover Survey recently found that 4.5 million people in the US quit their jobs every month. By partnering with Retentrics, you can analyze your current retention rate, see the impact on revenue, and strategize a solution.

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Retentrics equips you with advanced insights to correct the underlying problems causing issues with team members, offering access to a calculator that lets you quickly see the potential impact of your employee turnover. This helps to set you up for a more secure future based on detailed analytics.

The Retentrics system is built on aggregated employee feedback gathered through specialized assessment surveys. After using the calculator to determine your current retention metrics and potential savings opportunities, you can evaluate turnover impact in a qualitative way- which allows you to launch targeted retention initiatives.

Detailed assessments made available through the system provide anonymous input across the employee lifecycle. Engagement surveys examine your company culture, morale, and leadership trust to expose weak spots, while supplementary new hire and exit surveys spotlight gaps in the onboarding and offboarding processes.

By consolidating constructive critiques from all vantage points, Retentrics supplies actionable suggestions to address problem areas. The system produces data-verified recommendations tailored to your dealership’s needs for long-lasting transformations, with ongoing progress tracking available to guide enhancement efforts over time.

The beta testing phase completes a second round of analysis after modifications from the initial August feedback. As Retentrics moves through final optimization ahead of full release, early adopter pricing is available to secure the current $4,995 rate, marking a 50% discount off next year’s $9,995 standard pricing.

A spokesperson states: "It is important to understand that this is not a one-and-done process. To be effective, Retentrics has designed a system that requires continued monitoring, with no extra work on your part. Our system is fully automated and our customized reports allow you to track your dealership's progress at any time."

Do you want to improve your staff retention and grow your business successfully? Sign up today!

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