Recover From Long Covid Complications Fast With Las Vegas Telehealth Doctor

Feb 25, 2023

Las Vegas-based telehealth doctors In Good Health PC are here to help anyone in the community who thinks they may have Long Covid. If you believe you have the condition, get help today.

Recover From Long Covid Complications Fast With Las Vegas Telehealth Doctor

If you’ve been feeling changed ever since you had Long Covid, don’t ignore your symptoms. Instead, schedule a telehealth appointment with Nevada’s Long Covid experts, In Good Health PC.

The esteemed healthcare practice is reaching out to individuals in and around Las Vegas, especially in more regional and remote areas of Nevada, like yourself, if you suspect you may have Long Covid or other Covid complications. The leading practitioner at In Good Health PC, Dr. Thomas Sharon, DNP, MPH, ARNP-BC, is now a regional specialist in the condition who has linked Long Covid to other conditions like renal hypertension and high blood pressure.

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In Good Health PC is proud to be a Nevada leader in Long Covid diagnosis and treatment as, although awareness in the medical community has grown in regards to the condition, misinformation and misdiagnoses remain prevalent. As a recent peer-reviewed article published on the National Library of Medicine titled ‘Long covid and medical gaslighting: Dismissal, delayed diagnosis, and deferred treatment’ explained, many Long Covid patients in the United States have had to go on “diagnostic odysseys” to get adequate care.

Dr. Thomas Sharon is proud to be reversing that trend with his specialized Long Covid services. As he explains, if you have suffered from Covid-19 and your symptoms have not subsided within a couple of weeks, you may indeed have the condition.

In particular, in his experience, he has seen patients presenting with a variety of symptoms that may seem hard to pin down or attribute to Covid, like renal hypertension and high blood pressure, which are later proven to be core symptoms, and may be irreversible if left untreated.

As such, with both their in-person and telehealth consultations, In Good Health PC will immediately proceed with full diagnostic studies, including bloodwork, in order to diagnose your condition and to gain a clearer sense of which organs or parts of your body it is impacting.

Following this, Dr. Sharon will develop a comprehensive treatment and lifestyle plan for you in order to hasten your recovery and prevent further complications.

A spokesperson for the primary care and telehealth clinic said, “For those with Long Covid, Dr. Sharon customizes care, addressing your individual health requirements and goals. Dr. Sharon orders diagnostic tests to fully understand the cause of your Long Covid symptoms so he can create an effective plan. To learn more about Long Covid and what you can do to prevent it or manage it, call In Good Health PC or schedule an appointment online today.”

Don’t wait until it’s too late to start treating your Long Covid!

Visit so that Dr. Sharon and In Good Health PC can get you the diagnosis and treatment you need.

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