Recipe For Disaster By Tammy Beck Is The Perfect Cozy Small Town Mystery Series Introduction

Oct 2, 2021

Looking for a murder mystery with a sleepy small-town setting to curl up with this fall? Then you need to read ‘Recipe For Disaster’, a tantalizing series introduction from cozy mystery author, Tammy Beck!

A cozy murder mystery with a twist, the latest release falls into the cozy mystery genre, which focuses on mayhem and murderous incidents disrupting the everyday peace of small, sleepy coastal towns.

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The new novel is the debut to the Tammy Beck author brand and follows amateur detective characters as they take justice into their own hands, in keeping with Beck’s fully immersive mysteries.

A lover of whodunits and riddles, Tammy Beck is a mystery fan as well as a mystery author - and one who loves nothing more than a convincing red herring and a murderous twist. Though Beck’s latest novel is a cozy mystery set in the tiny town of Harmony Bay, she also writes in other genres and cooks creatively, developing recipes as a way to unwind.

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This love of food works well with the author’s penchant for mystery, and ‘Recipe For Disaster’ is a perfect example. Following the story of Mia Thomas, the novella revolves around a missing priceless cookbook, left by Grandma Des to be passed down through the women of the Desmarais family. To prevent Cassie Desmarais from losing her inheritance altogether, Mia must find the stolen book and return it, to restore the continuation of Cassie’s family legacy.

More than the average mystery tale, Beck weaves an immersive reality throughout the book by including relevant recipes along the way, allowing you to get a true taste of the story as you go. The author heartily believes that the best recipes are much like a mystery - with steps to follow to a tantalizing end.

‘Recipe For Disaster’ is available via the Tammy Beck website, by subscribing to the author’s newsletter. However, Beck is also looking to offer a Patreon subscription in the near future, offering you valuable content such as case files, mystery events, recipes and more, if you’re desperate to dig deeper into the Cassie Desmarais Mystery series and the author’s upcoming works.

With the latest announcement, Tammy Beck presents a cozy small-town mystery with a twist that foodie readers will love, available to download directly from her author site.

Tammy Beck is the cozy mystery writer you can rely on for classic amateur sleuth-style novels with a foodie twist that keeps you guessing till the end!

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