Rechargeable OTC Completely In Canal Hearing Aids Are Affordable & Refurbished

May 27, 2024

Nano Hearing Aids (866-991-9080) is on a mission to make good hearing more affordable and they are now retailing professionally refurbished versions of their popular over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids.

Nano Hearing Aids wants you to take action on your poor hearing today. With their affordable refurbished OTC aids, they are confident they are a smart solution for your hearing needs.

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Refurbished Options Now Available At Nano

Nano Hearing Aids is now making refurbished versions of their popular NANO CIC Recharge OTC Hearing Aids (CIC2) available to give you a more affordable way to support your hearing. The new refurbished versions have been completely cleaned and restored by Nano’s professional team in the same boutique factory where they manufacture their brand-new models.

Nano is pleased to be affirming their commitment to affordable hearing aids with the release of their new refurbished hearing aids, as well as their commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.

An Affordable Solution For Perceived Hearing Loss

They recommend the new refurbished versions of their NANO CIC Recharge OTC Hearing Aids (CIC2) to you if you are over the age of 18, you have perceived mild to moderate hearing loss and you are seeking a convenient and budget-friendly way to improve your hearing in everyday life.

They especially recommend their comfortable and affordable refurbished aids to you if you are a retiree or grandparent and you are experiencing the hearing loss that often accompanies the aging process.

Rechargeable Nearly Invisible CIC Hearing Aids

Like their brand new CIC2 aids, their refurbished aids boast the same nearly invisible completely in canal (CIC) design. They also have the same rechargeable function and portable charging case, with the same battery life of up to 12 hours from a single charge.

For your assurance, the refurbished aids also come with a one-year manufacturer warranty as well as the same 45-day trial window that accompanies their brand new hearing aids.

“It takes the average person nearly 7 years before they take action on their hearing loss. During that time the ability to understand is diminished,” said a spokesperson for Nano Hearing Aids. “Take action now. Our CIC refurbished and rechargeable hearing aids are nearly invisible and cost up to 85% less than traditional hearing aids.”

Buy Your OTC Aids Today

You can now buy the refurbished versions of their NANO CIC Recharge OTC Hearing Aids (CIC2) for a RRP of $222 for the set, which includes two aids, for the left and right ears, a portable recharging case, additional ear domes, a USB cord, cleaning accessories and a user manual.

One happy user who purchased a refurbished set said “Easy to use, nicely adjustable, with a more than adequate recharge capability. My little Nano hearing aids have improved my quality of life by leaps and bounds. Hard to believe, but I actually sometimes forget they’re in my ear canals. A fab product with the best customer service operation imaginable, Nano raises the bar to a very high level when it comes to satisfying the consumer.”

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