Receive Spiritual Healing and Divine Guidance with This Christian Testimony Book

Feb 21, 2021

A new Christian testimony book by Pastor Gershom Sikaala is released. Entitled, “Look at God”, the book shares powerful testimonies of spiritual breakthroughs, healing, and miracles from real people.

Sometimes, being strong is knowing that you are weak. If in your heart, you are beginning to feel alone and abandoned by God, then this new book may be the balm on your soul that you need.

Dr. Gershom Sikaala, a mentor and pastor in Los Angeles, California, is releasing his new book “Look At God”, a series of stories on how God is present in the lives of each person on February 22, 2021. The 95-page Christian testimony book tackles the everyday struggles of ordinary people and how their lives changed for the better when they experienced a spiritual breakthrough.

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The newly released book was conceived and written in 2020 -- a time that no one is going to forget anytime soon. Pastor Sikaala noticed that the people around him were experiencing a spiritual crisis and questioning the existence of God. He wrote his new book to remind people of the presence of the Lord and act as a testimony to God’s good news on Earth.

“Look at God” shares the power of testimony. As stated in scripture, testimonies are demonstrations of the promises of God and are evidence of His plan for every person. Dr. Sikaala emphasizes that what you might consider as “trials” are God’s tests for you to experience a divine revelation.

Pastor Sikaala quotes John 10:10 saying, "...whatever natural, or spiritual things are going on around you, God is always working, He is intimately acquainted with all who seek Him. God can exchange the condition of your life for His abundant life."

The new book shares true stories of real people with relatable problems who received divine guidance, spiritual and emotional healing.

Heidi G. Baker, Ph.D., co-founder of Iris Global, says this of the book, “[It] will take readers on a miraculous journey. It is full of stories that portray God’s grace and the simple gospel of Jesus Christ. It will reignite your passion for the miraculous.”

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