Read Simple Amish Love by Rachel Stoltzfus through 9/19/2016

Sep 17, 2016

Amish book lovers looking for a great read on Kindle can download Simple Amish Love by Rachel Stoltzfus for free from 9/17 through 9/19/2016. Readers will be delighted with this wholesome Amish romance.

Amish romance lovers looking for a delightful Amish book can purchase Simple Amish Love by Rachel Stoltzfus for free on Kindle through September 19th, 2016 (and for free afterwards with a Kindle Unlimited subscription). This is Book 1 of the Simple Love series. The book is regularly priced at $2.99. It is also available in Paperback for $6.99.

In Simple Amish Love, after her rumspringa, Annie Fisher returns to her Amish community to take her Kneeling Vows and find a husband. And when handsome Mark Stoltzfus wants to court with her, it seems like everything is going to plan. But when a stalker tries to ruin Annie's relationship, readers will be riveted, wondering if she is strong enough to stand up for herself and her new relationship.

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Amish author, Rachel Stoltzfus strives in her fiction to present a fair and honest representation of a love that is both romantic and sweet. Readers will find this book wholesome, absorbing, and ultimately inspirational.

Readers have raved about Rachel Stoltzfus’s Simple Amish Love:

About the book, Amazon reader, Anna Elizabeth, says: "This is a heartwarming story that left me smiling and feeling uplifted. It's an easygoing read that moves along in a laid back, easy way. The main characters are very nice and they have an air of authenticity."

A second reader, Kathryn, raves, “This series is just great and keeps you interested and wanting you to keep reading to the end. The author knows how to keep a person interested.”

And about Simple Amish Love, a third reader, Phyllis Rowe exclaims: "A great book to read if you love to read a true Amish love story. I recommend that book as a great read."

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Simple Amish Love is being offered for free on Kindle (and for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription). through 9/19/2016. It is regularly priced at $2.99. It is also available in paperback for $6.99 through Createspace, and other online book distributors.

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