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Jun 12, 2024

Love reading stories about cute canines? With Dog Blog House’s series of online posts, you can access videos of adorable pups and read funny or inspiring tales to brighten your day.

Daring rescue dogs, cuddly puppies, sweet disabled pets with special talents - you love them all! If you want to have more doggy tales and joy in your life, check out the blog series from Dog Blog House!


Featuring adorable pups and stories of hyper-intelligent, brave dogs, the website and blog series highlights the best of the canine world.

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At a time when negative news is dominant in the daily cycle, the series of funny and inspiring posts is designed to uplift and inspire viewers, with tales of derring-do and hilarious antics from humankind’s favorite four-legged friends.

A recent article published by the American Kennel Club highlights the enduring bond between dogs and humans, noting that dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years, working, playing, and living alongside human beings. With a nod to the way in which dogs make people’s lives better on a daily basis, the collection of news stories and anecdotes from Dog Blog House gives you a regular antidote to doom and gloom.

Learn More About Dogs

“In bringing you the latest and best stories about dogs from across the web, our goal is to entertain you and to support wellness for dogs and their owners,” explains a spokesperson. “We want to draw awareness to these amazing animals and their adorable nature.”

Many stories on the Dog Blog House site showcase the ability of dogs to perform important - and sometimes life-saving - tasks, such as the moving story of a dog named Ping Pong, in Thailand, who successfully rescued a newborn infant who had been abandoned and buried by a troubled teenage mother.

Another recent story in the same genre explains how a dog named Roselle, a trained service dog, saved her blind owner during the 2001 terror attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City - not only guiding her owner to safety but many other people as well.

Access How-To Guides

Other inspiring accounts highlight the close connection between dogs and young children, such as an educational program in Montesano, Washington, where children are encouraged to go their local library and read books aloud to dogs, as part of encouraging literacy and pronunciation.

Alongside adorable dog stories, you can also access charming videos, how-to guides, and updates regarding animal welfare organizations, initiatives, and inspiring reunions between lost pets and their owners.

Elevate your mood with some cute canines - visit Dog Blog House today!

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