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Nov 30, 2023

Seen an increase in the number of electric cars on the roads? But what about solar power? Solar Car Club takes you inside the most exciting developments in the industry. Read the new guide to infrastructure changes that are helping both electric and solar vehicles!

Want to learn about the latest moves and news in the solar car industry? Find out how emerging electric car infrastructure is impacting the adoption of solar cars with the latest guide from Solar Car Club!

Whether you're a motoring enthusiast or a passionate sustainability campaigner, take a detailed look at how the steady expansion of charging stations and developing technology are finally making solar cars a viable alternative to petrol-powered vehicles. The article is part of Solar Car Club's large database of news, commentary, and insight into the clean energy revolution in transport.

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The guide explores the two key areas of power infrastructure as it pertains to solar vehicles. While technology has advanced rapidly, making solar cars more efficient than ever and capable of traveling longer distances, these improvements can only be consolidated if there is adequate infrastructure to support widespread adoption. The rising popularity of electric vehicles, the guide explains, is having a positive impact in addressing this need.

Until recently, a dearth of charging stations coupled with limitations in battery storage had made longer journeys impossible for renewable energy-driven vehicles. Whereas petrol car drivers are assured that they will never have to travel far before finding a place to refuel, electric and solar car owners have not had the same luxury. Have you been caught short due to a lack of charging points during a crucial journey?

The guide discusses how the advent of more charging points across America's vast road network will open up new possibilities for solar car drivers, reducing the anxiety that looms as a result of running out of power. Soon you'll be able to plan longer and more adventurous trips!

Integration of solar and electric vehicle technology is also supporting the growth of the solar car market, the guide notes. Solar panel design now makes it possible to install more compact – yet more powerful – energy absorption units on electric cars – giving you the option to charge your vehicle as you drive!

These improvements also extend to smart grid compatibility. You can monitor and control the charging process remotely via efficient communications between cars and charging stations. Solar Car Club believes this will benefit solar vehicles too because you'll be able to pinpoint times when electricity demand is low and use these periods to charge your car, helping to ease the burden on the grid as a whole.

The article states, “Cruising the roads in a solar-powered ride won’t only save you money, but also create a cleaner and healthier future for generations to come. As we look towards the future of sustainable transportation, solar cars are emerging as a promising solution.”

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