Reach More Chelmsford Customers With Local Smartphone Marketing & Branding

Oct 15, 2021

Do you want to sell more products, meet more customers, and get increased foot traffic for your Chelmsford business? You’re in luck!

Whether you want to improve trust and authority, get more sales, or simply take your brand awareness to new heights, this app is exactly what you need!

The goal of the app is to provide you with access to all the local business information you need in one destination. It’s ideal for local residents as well as those visiting the city, as it helps them to make a more informed decision regarding local trips or services.

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Research shows that, in 2020, smartphone advertising cost businesses almost £10 billion. However, for smaller companies, this can make it harder to compete. The Chelmsford Guide is an innovative new app that is designed to empower you to achieve success.

If you secure a listing for your company you can showcase your address, company name, and phone number, alongside your website. This provides targeted inbound lead generation as you know you’re reaching local customers.

Up to 250 words can be allocated for your company description, and other features include local offers, social media links, and media. This provides you with all the flexibility you need to stand out, even in competitive industries.

For app users, there are a number of benefits to signing up. They get access to all the latest Chelmsford news and information within easy reach.

Businesses themselves have numerous advantages, including the ability to drive instant results. Mobile notifications are more likely to get a response than calls or email, and the nature of the app allows you to reach a wider audience.

The Chelmsford Guide is also committed to giving back to the local community and environment. To this end, for each person that signs up for an annual business listing, they will plant 10 trees in partnership with Play It Green.

When you sign up for the app, you get an annual subscription. The tools provided give you the reach you need to expand your brand awareness and ultimately drive more sales.

A spokesperson for the app states: “The Chelmsford Guide Community App has been created to support the local community and help local businesses and organisations too. It aims to become the ‘go-to’ local resource for Chelmsford residents.”

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