Ratio.dev Opens the Door To Instantaneous Project Proposals

Jun 21, 2024

Ratio.dev unveils an AI wizard transforming ideas into web feasible projects. This no-code marvel generates tailored, instant proposals for budding entrepreneurs. Answer a few questions, get your custom project blueprint, and watch your dreams materialize swiftly. Dive into the future of development at ratio.dev.

Ratio.dev Launches Revolutionary AI-Powered Tool for No-Code Web App Development Proposals

ORLANDO, Florida (June 21, 2024)—Ratio.dev, a boutique no-code development agency specializing in web3 and decentralized social media applications, today announced the launch of its new AI-Powered No-Code Web Application Proposal Generator, a free online tool that allows startup founders and entrepreneurs to obtain customized proposals and estimates for building their web application ideas.

Available beginning today, the groundbreaking tool addresses a critical pain point for early-stage startups—understanding time and cost investments for turning conceptual web apps into reality. By answering a simple questionnaire, users can generate a comprehensive development proposal in minutes, receiving tailor-made scope and quotes for critical elements like UI/UX design, performance optimization, and blockchain integration.

"We wanted to empower startup founders and idea-holders to make informed go-to-market decisions," said Ratio.dev CEO Dennis H. Lewis. "Our intelligent bot handles the heavy lifting, while founders focus on strategy and innovation. With our tool, any entrepreneur can transform napkin sketches into a real project plan rapidly and affordably."

Harnessing advanced natural language processing and machine learning, the tool considers myriad variables impacting web development costs, from branding needs to API integration complexities. Every proposal provides actionable specifics around deliverables, technology recommendations, project staging and more. Users receive ballpark figures for minimum viable products as well as expanded feature sets to aid planning and fundraising.

Going beyond competitor quote generators, Ratio.dev configurations encompass cutting-edge web3 and decentralized social media capabilities. "We are uniquely positioned to build highly scalable, blockchain-based communities and tokenized economic models," Lewis said. "If you can dream it in the world of social platforms, we can build it."

With the barriers-to-entry significantly reduced for no-code web development, Ratio.dev hopes to spur a new wave of startups. Its proposal generator aims to democratize access to technical knowledge traditionally siloed inside development agencies. Lewis believes properly guided founders can transform industries.

"We built this tool based on our experience crafting hundreds of web applications," he said. "By synthetically encoding that expertise, we allow every entrepreneur to tap it instantly. We can't wait to see the ideas that emerge."

Learn more and try the AI-Powered No-Code Web Application Proposal Generator at ratio.dev.

About Ratio.dev: Ratio.dev, launched in 2009, provides specialized no-code application development, improvement and optimization services using the Bubble platform. With particular expertise around blockchain, AI and web3 integrations, the certified, boutique agency focuses on providing fixed-cost, high-ROI solutions that speed ideas to market. ratio.dev is based in Orlando, Florida. More information can be found on their no-code development blog.

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