Raleigh HVAC Air Filter Subscriptions: MERV 9-Rated Replacements With Delivery

May 24, 2024

It’s not easy remembering to replace your HVAC filters but how long has it been since you changed yours? Improve the quality of your indoor air and protect your health with Filters Direct USA (919-848-9239)!

How often do you change the air filters in your HVAC system? Looking for an affordable way to keep your equipment functioning optimally?

When you use Filters Direct USA, you can get new filters delivered to your door every month! Save money, save time, and make your Raleigh, NC home healthier! Go to https://filtersdirectusa.com/

Custom Solutions

Filters Direct USA offers you customized products and can make any size with a thickness of one inch. The company also provides reusable frames which you get for free with the first order, creating less waste and expense in the process.

Decades Of Expertise

The company brings over 50 years of experience in the HVAC industry and its specialized products are designed to trap a wide range of pollutants, allergens, and contaminants. Incorporating vFirst Direct USA's custom filters into your HVAC system can improve the quality of your indoor air and protect you and your family's health.

How Clean is Your HVAC?

A poll by TheZebra.com revealed that around 29% of Americans never change their HVAC air filter. Of those that do replace their filters, 82% fail to do it monthly with around 31% of respondents only replacing filters every few months. Despite a large increase in demand for these accessories around the time of the global pandemic, millions of homeowners are still failing to keep their air conditioning systems functioning as designed.

How Often Should I Replace Filters?

The company recommends that you replace their air filters every month. To facilitate this, Filters Direct USA offers a subscription service that delivers new filters every month to doorsteps throughout the Raleigh area and beyond. This subscription serves as a timely reminder to keep to the recommended replacement schedule while reducing the cost of buying filters in home improvement stores. You can skip a month or cancel your subscription at any time.

MERV Rating

All filters in the company's range come with a MERV rating of 9, offering you a higher degree of air filtration. The filters are also antimicrobial to give you an extra layer of protection from outdoor contaminants and are made from high-quality polyester so as not to restrict airflow and cause issues with HVAC system function.

A satisfied customer says, “I am on the 'set it and forget it' plan where replacements show up at my door every two months. They are basically the same cost if I were to go to my local store or online to hunt down the inferior paper quality version – if my sizes are even in stock.”

For effective HVAC filters, you need Filters Direct USA!

For more info, go to https://filtersdirectusa.com/

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