Raise The Capital You Need With This Innovative Toronto VC Platform For Startups

Nov 25, 2020

A Toronto-based VC raising platform has been launched as a solution to the archaic process required when start-up companies and investors try to solidify a deal as the team explain they understand how slow the process can be.

Are you a business owner, start-up founder, or innovator? Are you an investor looking for your next opportunity? If you belong to either of these groups, this innovative Toronto-based VC platform can help you find what you need, whether you need to raise capital or you want to diversify your portfolio!

A new venture capital raising platform has been launched aimed at you if you are a business owner, start-up founder, or an investor based in Toronto. The team behind the Sploda platform explain that as you may be aware finding alternative sources of funding has never been more important for you as you face a raft of challenges due to the pandemic and global economic situation.

You can find out more at https://sploda.com/connecting-to-capital-during-covid-19

The newly launched Sploda platform aims to bring together innovative business founders and investors such as yourself if you are looking for new opportunities. The team explain that prior to 2020 and the pandemic, 2019 was a record year in terms of the amount raised by venture capital-backed companies.

In case you are wondering, it totalled $4.1 billion, which equated to a 16% increase over 469 deals even though activity was down by 11%. Since then there been many challenges for you whether your company is entering the market or your products are competing for visibility, however, there have also been opportunities for savvy innovators and investors alike.

With vision, persistence, and capital the team explain they recognise you are adapting to the new demands you are experiencing. This includes the technology opportunities created by the product and service gaps created by local, national, and international lockdowns.

Sploda and its team explain the platform was developed to ensure both parties, whether you are a business leader or investor, use due diligence to filter your lead flow and protect yourself from spending your limited time wining and dining, pitching and negotiating, writing legal LOI’s and MOU’s while there is a possibility your deal could be derailed in the final stages.

The team behind the platform understand the difficulties and challenges you are facing whichever side of the deal you are on as they explain it was difficult for them to find real investors when they were trying to raise capital.

A spokesperson said: “In Canada, Toronto was the top city for venture capital investment, which also means that by volume, Toronto wasted the most time and money. Something was required to shake some common sense into an archaic process.”

“Sploda.com became the solution. Operating in 28 countries, Sploda connects companies of all stages (pre-revenue to profitable), public and private, in all industries to verified investors around the world,” they added.

You can find out more by visiting the link provided!

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