Queens, NY Holistic Spa Offers Ethical, Sustainable Skincare Beauty Products!

Feb 1, 2024

Queens, NY – Puresthetique Holistic & Laser – (212-302-0038) – offers you a line of natural, non-toxic skincare items made from ethical, eco-friendly components. If you want chemical-free products, order online or visit their Manhattan spa!

What you put on your face matters    •for your health, and for the well-being of the planet. If you want to make sure you're avoiding harmful chemicals and supporting ethical practices, check out the natural skincare line from Puresthetique Holistic & Laser!

Take a look at https://www.thepuresthetique.com

The holistic spa's chemical-free skincare and cosmetic items give you skincare choices that eliminate the risks of toxins and support your eco-conscious lifestyle.

Suitable for any age or skin type, the range of sustainable beauty products from Puresthetique Holistic & Laser includes Pure Cleanse, Pure Hydrate, Pure Moisture, and Pure Balance, giving you a complete skincare system.

Avoid Harmful Chemicals

A recent study in the Journal of Preventative Medicine and Hygiene draws attention to the importance of avoiding cosmetics and skincare products that include high levels of chemicals, noting that many items contain potentially dangerous substances that can lead to adverse consequences for your health. With the plant-based, natural products available from the beauty experts at Puresthetique Holistic & Laser, you can enjoy non-toxic skincare.

“Our nature-derived, high-performance daily skincare line helps you to cherish your skin as a sacred canvas,” says a spa spokesperson. “With gentle, organic products and rituals, we harmonize your inner glow with your outer radiance.”

Support Overall Wellness

Alongside the Manhattan-based spa’s line of natural beauty products, they offer a holistic spa experience with a range of treatments to support your overall health and wellness, such as an Advanced Facial with a clearing laser to stimulate collagen production.

You may also receive a Gentle Yag Laser Skin Tightening treatment, which provides rhythmic irradiation for your face and neck to produce a reduction in the appearance of fine wrinkles and strengthen your skin’s elastin.

Get Relief From Discomfort

Along with facials, massage, reiki, and laser hair removal services, the spa offers Endospheres Therapy, a body and facial contouring treatment that can enhance lymphatic drainage and improve your circulation, leading to better muscle tone and relief from minor aches or pains.

Previous clients have positive reviews for the spa’s services. “I got a holistic head facial and it was the best experience ever,” says Takumi S. “Keiko is so magical! She is very knowledgeable and professional. Her hands are amazing and all the products she uses are natural and smell so nice. Highly recommended.”

Start experiencing the difference in your skin with the natural, plant-based products and treatments from Puresthetique Holistic & Laser!

Book an appointment or order skincare products at https://www.thepuresthetique.com

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