Qualigence is leveraging people analytics to drive talent performance for clients

Jul 29, 2020

Qualigence has partnered with the Predictive Index to deliver Talent Optimization Solutions to clients based on the science of people analytics.

Qualigence International is proud to announce the launch of a new talent optimization platform powered by people analytics from the Predictive Index. 

Now more than ever, businesses need their teams to be delivering their absolute best. Qualigence’s talent optimization platform uses scientifically validated analytics from PI to ensure you are hiring the right people for the right roles and inspiring them to deliver their best.  

This platform will be led by Steve Lowisz, who is the CEO & founder of Qualigence as well as a renowned leadership speaker and trainer. With over 20 years of leadership and leadership development experience, he has the perfect background to help other leaders get the most from their teams. 

Your Business Challenges Are People Challenges  

“The truth is that every business challenge is ultimately a PEOPLE challenge. 9 times out of 10, we fall short of our goals because we didn’t have the right people on our team or struggled with issues like turnover, poor performance, ineffective leadership, a lack of collaboration, etc.” said Steve. 

Like any other business challenge, we can’t fix these issues if we don’t understand them. But understanding candidates and employees and what drives them is difficult.  

Have you ever watched a HR department spend a lot of money on something like a team-building event, but it had the opposite effect and you just heard a lot of complaints?  

This is all-too-common in business – we struggle to understand the root causes of disengagement, turnover, or low morale. As a result, our efforts to fix it go to waste.  

That’s where the Predictive Index comes in. 

Using Data to Understand Our People – And Why We Miss Our Goals 

We now use data to guide countless business decisions. So why aren’t we using data to guide who we hire and how we lead our teams? 

The state-of-the-art analytics from PI allows us to quickly and accurately understand what drives our people to behave the way they do. It provides clear insight on where teams will excel, where they may struggle, and how leaders can help them thrive in the workplace.  

Best of all, it generates customized reports with actionable advice on how leaders can empower teams to deliver their best. 

From 40% Turnover to 3% – In Less Than a Year 

Steve elaborated on the success Qualigence has seen in less than a year with this same platform. 

“Part of why we believe in this platform so strongly is that we have seen tremendous results within our own company. We used to have a turnover rate of roughly 40%, and only had success with about 50% of our leadership roles.”  

“By combining the analytics from PI and leadership training, we’ve cut turnover to about 2 or 3% and have had nothing but success placing new leaders within the organization – all within the span of 9 months. It’s been phenomenal, and we’re passionate about helping our partners achieve the same success.” 

It’s Time to Get the Most From Your Teams 

If you want to learn more about how Qualigence leverages this platform to help businesses address common issues like turnover, ineffective leadership and poor team performance, request a call with their team here

Qualigence International is a talent acquisition and optimization firm dedicated to people living

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