Purchase The Best Costa Rica Waterfront Eco-Tourism Businesses and Property For Investment

Oct 22, 2022

Forget the purple orchids, the tapirs, and the colorful toucans as abundant as New York pigeons. Be hardheaded. Is waterfront property investment in a protected rainforest in a stable, happy country worth it? If you think so, call Lucky Bug Bed And Breakfast!

Purchase The Best Costa Rica Waterfront Eco-Tourism Businesses and Property For Investment

Some people underestimate the challenges involved in property management - or any business! - in another country. But most people overthink it - and in this case, you are getting three fully operational, top-rated turnkey businesses to boot!

Lucky Bug Bed and Breakfast has announced that its income-producing 5.5-acre private lakefront property, along with its three turnkey businesses in the Costa Rican rainforest, is now available for purchase by qualified investors.

Check it out at https://arenalcostaricabusinessforsale.com

The lodging itself, the number two rated Bed and Breakfast in Costa Rica according to TripAdvisor, has also received the Traveler's Choice Award many years in a row - given to the top 1% of properties in the world. The additional properties now for sale include a well-known restaurant on the main Lake Arenal road - providing consistent foot traffic - and an art gallery with high-quality souvenirs and art pieces that can be seen in many area homes and hotels.

Costa Rica, known for its national parks and exotic wildlife, gets almost two million tourists per year - most of whom come from North America. A stable democracy with a robust business climate and ports on the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, Costa Rica is widely considered an attractive investment opportunity. It enjoys an especially low property tax rate of 0.25% of the value of the registered property.

Lucky Bug Bed And Breakfast comprises three businesses - the hotel, the Lucky Bug Gallery, and Restaurante Caballo Negro. The entire property includes these turnkey businesses, a home, an apartment, and a private lake with fishing, swimming, and canoeing, on over five and a half acres of land. All the properties are contiguous and are being sold together.

You can also repurpose the property as a retreat. Modifications can significantly increase the current accommodation limit of twelve guests. All other units can be restricted in accordance with your vision of the place. For example, the Butterfly Garden - private and serene with beautiful flora - could be converted into a massage room. The main home’s patio could be turned into a yoga studio, while the kitchen could easily be rebranded as a vegan restaurant, meeting a significant tourist demand.

"Exceptional weather and natural beauty usually come at a steep price," said a property spokesperson. "But we have already built up one of the top properties in the entire country - and we have all the local contacts and resources to make any buyer’s purchase a worthy investment and a fantastic opportunity."

Maybe you just want a change of pace and a healthier lifestyle. Maybe you want a corporate retreat to wow your employees - or to play a small part in saving the world?! Or is regular cash flow your drug of choice?!

Go to https://arenalcostaricabusinessforsale.com and just think about what you, your colleagues, friends, or family might want to do with this kind of once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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