Pulsetto Vs. Sensate Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device: Feature Comparison

Apr 4, 2024

If you’re feeling stressed or anxious but don’t have time for hours of yoga and meditation, this is the biohack you need! Pulsetto’s vagus nerve stimulator is a fast-acting, non-invasive, reusable device that will melt your stress away in minutes!

Have you heard about the vagus nerve? This powerhouse can single-handedly send your body into "fight-or-flight" or completely relax all your systems, depending on its mood.

Pulsetto's vagal nerve stimulation device lets you trigger your body's natural relaxation and leave your stress and anxiety behind in just a few minutes! AND, you only need to buy it once! Want to learn more? Just go to https://pulsetto.tech/meet-pulsetto/

Best Option On The Market

For people with crazy busy schedules, the thought of dedicating a bunch of time to relaxation techniques can induce even more stress. But, Pulsetto gets to work in just a few minutes and all it requires of you is to simply put it on!

What's more, this reusable wellness device does not require continual purchasing or replacement. Other vagal nerve stimulation devices on the market, like Sensate, need to continually be replaced, requiring you to get a subscription just to keep using it. I don't know about you, but the thought of committing to another subscription stresses me out in itself!

Pulsetto is the most affordable vagal nerve stimulator on the market and you only have to buy it once!

Give Your Vagal Nerve What It Needs

Stimulating the vagus nerve has been shown to improve the body's responses to stress, which in turn counteracts the signals that lead to anxiety. The vagus nerve is the longest of the body's twelve cranial nerves and is a main component of the parasympathetic nervous system.

This nerve communicates with the immune, digestive, and muscular systems and can trigger the "fight-or-flight" response when stressed, so relaxing it can reduce tension and mitigate the negative effects of stress on the body.

Pulsetto's vagus nerve stimulation device helps most users relax in less than ten minutes of wear. The device sends subtle electric pulses into the vagal nerve intended to trigger your body's natural healing and relaxation abilities, which trains your body, over time, to stay in a more relaxed state.

Melt Away Your Stress & Anxiety

It's no secret that the rates of anxiety and chronic stress all around the world are at an all-time high. For those of us who aren't comfortable taking prescription drugs to numb ourselves, Pulsetto is an effective, long-term alternative without any nasty side effects.

86% of Pulsetto customers have reported feeling calmer, less anxious, and less stressed after only two weeks of use!

Along with your Pulsetto order, you'll get 15 guided meditations, custom stimulations, and access to the Pulsetto app which includes 5 expert-designed settings to reduce stress, anxiety, and more!

Want to learn more about Pulsetto and order your own vagus nerve stimulation device? Get started today by visiting https://pulsetto.tech/meet-pulsetto/

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