Puerto Princesa Pristine Beaches & Island-Hopping: Visit Honda Bay & Coros

Mar 11, 2024

Having trouble deciding where your next holiday destination should be? Ever Wonder Adventure encourages you to consider Puerto Princesa, a tropical city located on the Philippine island of Palawan!

If you're looking for a holiday destination that offers natural beauty, cultural richness, and eco-friendly activities, then Ever Wonder Adventure has the place for you! It's called Puerto Princesa, and it's unlike any other city in Southeast Asia!

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Paradise Found!

Referred to as the Philippines’ “last ecological frontier,” Puerto Princesa is one of the country’s premier travel destinations. From its stunning natural beauty to its many diverse attractions, the city offers a lot for you to enjoy. In its new guide, Ever Wonder Adventure has picked out some of the most impressive places and activities for you to experience.

An Enchanting Underground River?

At the heart of Puerto Princesa lies the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, home to one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature — the Puerto Princesa Underground River. This UNESCO World Heritage Site stretches for over 8 kilometres and features several limestone karst towers and stalactite formations. While here, you can sign up for zip-biking, ziplining, and spiritual healing adventures.

Everywhere You Turn Is A Place To Relax!

In addition to the Underground River, Puerto Princesa boasts an array of pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. One particularly breathtaking area is Honda Bay, which has a variety of beach-hopping, snorkelling, and diving tours for you to partake in. Also popular are El Nido and Coron, two archipelagos renowned for their vibrant marine life, historical attractions, and picturesque scenery.

Meet The Locals!

If cultural immersion is more your game, Puerto Princesa also provides opportunities to engage with the indigenous communities of Palawan. For example, you can learn about the traditions and customs of local tribes through community-based ecotourism initiatives. By taking part in these initiatives you not only gain insight into different ways of life, but you also contribute to sustainable development efforts in the region.

The Best Accommodations!

When your day of adventuring comes to an end, you'll need a comfortable, convenient, and safe place to rest your head, and Puerto Princesa has numerous luxurious resorts for you to choose from. In most cases, these resorts are either located at the tourist attractions or nearby, and they have all the amenities needed to ensure you have a great time.

“If you want to experience pristine beaches, stunning landscapes, and vibrant marine life, then you have to check out Puerto Princesa,” said a spokesperson for Ever Wonder Adventure. “The city provides unparalleled opportunities to create lifelong memories. It’s time to pack your bags and go on an unforgettable island-hopping adventure.”

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