Provo Recreational Vehicle & Auto Insurance Bundle Saving With Independent Agent

Jun 28, 2024

Save money and get better coverage with an independent insurance agency by your side! ALINK Insurance Services® (385-382-0037) will get you a custom policy for your recreational vehicle at an affordable rate by comparing quotes.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance Advice in Provo

Whether it's an ATV, a snowmobile, a boat, or even a small plane, you didn't get your recreational vehicle to worry about the "what ifs." And that's why ALINK Insurance Services® is here to help you get the best insurance at the most affordable rate!

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ALINK invites you and other recreational vehicle owners in the Provo Utah area to contact their Saratoga Springs office to get advice and a custom policy. The independent insurance agency helps you identify your coverage needs so that you can have peace of mind when enjoying the vehicle of your dreams!

Save Money With Custom Policies and Bundles

ALINK provides insurance for most common needs, and can write up a bundle policy to help you save money by combining auto and recreational vehicle coverage. The agents can also adjust the insurance for seasonal use, for example, for boats or motorhomes.

"Owning a recreational vehicle can be a dream come true. It gives you the freedom to travel and the capability to explore new places, but with freedom comes responsibility. Should an accident happen - such as property damage, vandalism, or bodily injury as a result of a crash - it is reassuring to know that your investment is protected," a company spokesperson said.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance Rates Surging

Due to factors like supply chain disruptions and labor shortages, many Americans have noticed that their insurance rates have gone up in the past years, and recreational vehicle insurance is no exception. According to Yacht World, the average boat insurance has gone up from $200 to $500 per year in 2022 to an estimated $300-$600 in 2023 and 2024. Statistics from Progressive suggest that the average annual premium for a camper was $502 and $848 for a motorhome in 2020, numbers that had increased to $573 and $958 by 2022.

Compare Rates

ALINK's agents provide personalized solutions and risk-reduction advice before writing up a custom policy. When you're happy with the conditions and coverage options, the agency will compare rates with their partner providers, aiming to reduce your costs. >>Learn more about what vehicles you can insure with ALINK at:

About ALINK Insurance Services®

ALINK was founded in 1959 and has helped Colorado communities find the right insurance for their needs since. The independent agency recently opened up its Saratoga Springs office in Utah, extending its local advisory services to nearby neighborhoods like Provo, Lehi, and Eagle Mountain.

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