Protect Your Classic Car With The Right Auto Insurance Package In Oak Lawn

Mar 29, 2023

You’ve already spent a fortune on rehabilitating your vintage vehicle. Jerry Carter (+1-708-424-5848), a leading insurance agent, can help you get a cost-effective coverage plan for it.

Protect Your Classic Car With The Right Auto Insurance Package In Oak Lawn

You’ve got plenty of assets, but the one closest to your heart is your vintage car. That’s why Jerry Carter offers auto insurance plans designed specifically for such vehicles.

This makes Carter one of the select agents in the Oak Lawn community to offer specialized packages for owners of vintage cars like you. By providing classic car insurance, the agent offers you peace of mind, allowing you to rest assured that your valuable asset is adequately protected.

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Carter says the classic car insurance policies enable him to better serve your niche needs. Offerin this type of insurance is also a part of his mission to provide solutions to all kinds of motorists, from busy parents and inexperienced teens to antique automobile collectors.

While the pace of innovation in the automotive industry has ramped up in recent decades, many motorists are still drawn to the nostalgia of old cars. Owning such automobiles may prove to be a wise investment, too, as their rarity can make them coveted collector’s items.

As Carter notes, however, standard auto insurance plans are typically catered to modern vehicles. This is because classic cars require specialized skills to repair and often need hard-to-source spare parts - factors that are outside the scope of most policies. As such, getting dedicated coverage for your vintage automobile enables you to protect your investment.


Your classic car is a valuable asset and auto insurance provides coverage against total loss caused by accidents, theft, fire, and even natural disasters. Moreover, your policy can cover repairs should your car become involved in a collision, which can easily cost thousands of dollars.


Traditional auto insurance plans may only provide actual cash value coverage, which means the insurer will pay the current market value of your car in case of total loss. Classic car insurance policies, on the other hand, offer agreed-value coverage, which means you and the insurance company agree on your car's value. This arrangement factors in all the costly work that goes into acquiring, refurbishing, and maintaining your vintage vehicle.

Carter says: "Your classic car is more than just a vehicle - it’s a work of art. As such, you need a coverage plan that reflects and protects its true value.”

Drive with additional confidence knowing your classic car is insured the right way. Don’t delay - request a free and no-obligation quote from Jerry Carter today!

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