Protect Natural Wonders With Sustainable Travel: The Risks Of Overtourism

Jun 1, 2024

The Hollywood blockbuster The Beach portrayed a slice of paradise, but over tourism caused Maya Bay to become almost unrecognizable. Ever Wonder Adventure explains all you need to know about sustainable and responsible travel.

You Can Support Sustainable Tourism

When you experience the huge crowds in places like Boracay or Venice, it’s easy to understand why something must change. That’s exactly what Ever Wonder Adventure is advocating, and you can support the cause.

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The website helps you plan your next adventure to sustainable destinations, supporting local communities and preserving the environment. They also have a unique line of adventure travel merchandise, and every purchase contributes to the website’s mission.

Understanding the importance of sustainable travel means learning about the impact of over tourism. That’s why Ever Wonder Adventure has launched a piece that delves into both, so you can plan your next trip with knowledge and awareness.

“We have witnessed the devastating impacts of over tourism time and time again, and we’re committed to promoting more responsible travel practices,” a company representative explained. “Sustainable tourism not only protects natural wonders for future generations, it also supports local economies by promoting local businesses, artisans, and service providers.”

A Case Study In Over Tourism & Preservation

Following its appearance in the hit Hollywood movie The Beach, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Thailand’s Maya Bay became a case study for the dangers of over tourism. With up to 6,000 visitors per day, the clear waters, reefs, and fine white sand were all being severely eroded, and it’s estimated that boat anchors, alone, destroyed 50% of the corals in the area.

As Ever Wonder Adventure now points out, Maya Bay is also a good example of how sustainable tourism can prevent and/or reverse such damage. Following its closure from 2018 to 2022, Maya Bay has largely returned to its former condition. Visits are now carefully controlled to ensure the environment is preserved and protected, while also remaining an important contributor to the local economy.

About Ever Wonder Adventure

As more travelers become aware of their environmental impact, Ever Wonder Adventure was established to offer an all-in-one resource that includes travel advice, leading destinations, and some of the world’s most pressing conservation issues. The website is self-funded and relies on contributions from its web store to develop new pieces.

“Our mission is made possible by purchases from our beautiful merchandise line,” one client recently stated. “So, if you’ve enjoyed our articles and learned something from our website, please take a moment to visit our web store. You’ll discover lots of unique and useful things to pack on your next adventure.”

You can enjoy natural wonders without destroying them. Visit Ever Wonder Adventure to learn all about sustainable tourism.

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