Protect Head & Face With Top-Rated Helmets For Powersports Dirt Bikes & ATVs!

Sep 2, 2023

Make sure your head and face are protected during powersports with the full and half-face helmet selections from Motorcycle Freaks.

You're crazy for motorsports, but don't forget to stay safe!

With helmets from Motorcycle Freaks, you can enjoy comfortable protection for your head and face without sacrificing style.

The company offers gear, tools, and accessories related to all types of powersports, including ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and watercraft.

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You'll find a selection of helmets and replacement parts, with full, half, and open-face coverage styles to match your favorite powersports activity.

Research from the British Medical Journal shows that the use of a helmet in powersports is one of the major preventive factors in avoiding serious injuries or death. The selection of helmets from Motorcycle Freaks helps you protect your head and face, so you can enjoy motorsports in comfort and greater safety. The company’s team is committed to providing top-rated gear alongside attentive customer care.

“When you shop Motorcycle Freaks for any powersports accessories, you’re not just getting premium products,” says a representative. “You’re getting great service from a dedicated, expert team just as passionate about motorcycles and powersports as you are.”

The line of helmets featured on the company’s website include the high-end Zox Odyssey ‘Rn2’ Night Wish Blue SM Helmet, which can be built to match your exact specifications and is constructed from UniComposite materials, with three shell sizes for safety, Zox HPVS controllable multi-channel ventilation, an EPS liner that provides cooling channels, high-integrity chin bar, double-coated UV stable clear coat of lacquer, and an anti-scratch shield. The helmet retails at $103.63.

If you're seeking a slightly less expensive full-face helmet option without compromising safety standards, the company offers the Zox Odyssey ‘Rn2’ Glossy BlackLG, which is made from lightweight carbon and has a contoured shell and blade rear spoiler for optimized aerodynamics, with a $98.44 price point.

Alongside full, half, and open-face protection, the company also provides helmet replacement parts, such as the Zox Helmet Mouth Piece Chrome, as well as a full range of tools for powersports maintenance, including service items for brakes, chemical and lube, gaskets, seals and hardware, and foot controls.

The company’s knowledgeable team is on hand to answer all your questions relating to powersports products and accessories.

Get your new helmet today from Motorcycle Freaks!

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