Promote Your Business On News Sites Like Fox & CBS With Media Marketing Services

Nov 23, 2022

Ever wondered how to feature your business on news outlets like CBS or NBC? Digital marketing agency Media Vibe can make it happen, and it won’t cost you a fortune.

Promote Your Business On News Sites Like Fox & CBS With Media Marketing Services

In fact, these omnipresent media marketing campaigns will promote your business on over 400 high-authority platforms. You won’t just get press releases, either. Your custom content will include blogs, podcasts, slideshows, videos, and more.

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While most of us recognize the importance of online marketing, maintaining a presence across a wide range of outlets is not easy when you’re a small business owner. Thankfully, you don’t have to. Media Vibe provides you with a cost-effective way to build brand awareness, improve SEO, and increase leads.

So, why should you consider this solution? As you’re probably well aware, most small and medium-sized businesses have limited marketing budgets. In the wake of the pandemic, those concerns have only grown. However, the past two years have seen unprecedented levels of internet shopping, making online marketing more important than ever before. So, just when funds are limited, we need to be upping our game.

Social media, video content, and podcasting are all frequently discussed by the digital marketing community. Media Vibe recognizes that maintaining a presence across such a wide array of platforms is often not possible for smaller organizations like yours. The agency now provides a done-for-you content marketing solution that requires minimal input.

So, how does it work? In the first instance, consultants will ascertain which products, services, and areas you want to target. Once your campaign goals have been established, the content creation team begins conducting market research, and then prepares a range of customized material ready for distribution across high-authority platforms. Your content not only establishes business credibility, but is also recognized by search engines like Google, leading to greater organic search results.

About Media Vibe

Established to help small and medium-sized businesses compete in the online space, Media Vibe maintains an ongoing awareness of digital marketing and social media trends. The latest announcement takes account of some evolving areas, providing you with a greater degree of visibility. Further enhancements are expected as new digital media technologies emerge, so be sure to get on board.

One Media Vibe client recently stated: “As a result of Media Vibe, we are now ranking in the money pack for lots of different products and services. We have doubled our annual revenue, which equates to a six-figure increase. In fact, we have had to hire an additional two therapists to help meet the demand for our services. These campaigns are amazing.”

Get powerful, omnipresent digital marketing without breaking a sweat. It’s time to tell the world about your business.

Discuss your media marketing campaign today. Click on so you can learn more.

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