Professional Grade Knife Sharpening Whetstone Kit To Repair Damaged/Dull Blades

Apr 4, 2024

Blade Revival wants to help you keep your knives in top condition with their complete sharpening kit, now with a 90-day full replacement warranty.

A Sharper Knife Is A Safer Knife

As any professional chef will tell you, the sharper the knife, the better. If you've ever tried to cut a tomato or onion with a dull knife, you know exactly why that is. A sharp knife cuts when and where you want it to, and will not slip off and nip your fingers like a dull knife sometimes will. Even if you do have an unfortunate accident, cuts made with dull knives are often much more difficult to treat and may heal more slowly, making a sharp knife a must-have regardless of the situation.

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With that in mind, we can see how knife care is as essential a part of kitchen maintenance as washing dishes or keeping your surfaces clean. Knife sharpening is an important skill for chefs of all skill levels to learn!

However, sharpening knives can - like most things - be done well, or done badly. The quality of the edge is dependent partially on your technique, sure, but more than anything it depends on the quality of your sharpening equipment.

That is why Blade Revival is now offering their all-in-one high-quality sharpening kit as a solution that will last you a lifetime - whether you are an amateur chef just learning to cut an onion, or a "seasoned" (pun intended) professional!

A Complete Sharpening Experience

The new set includes a range of accessories, ensuring that you will be well-equipped for all your knife sharpening needs.

At a glance, the kit includes:

  • Two dual-grit whetstones
  • Two flattening stones
  • A non-slip bamboo base
  • Two non-slip rubber bases
  • An angle guide
  • A leather honing strap
  • An instructional video guide for ease of use

Double the Sharpening

The two dual-grit whetstones are one of the distinguishing features of the new set. Access to multiple grit ranges ensures you can sharpen and repair a diverse range of blades. The first of the two stones is a 400/1000 coarse grit stone, ideal for repairing damaged or dull blades. The second 3000/8000 grit stone provides two finer grits useful for polishing and honing razor-sharp blades for increased precision.

The new knife sharpener stone set incorporates numerous safety features including a non-slip bamboo base for increased stability and an angle guide that minimizes the risk of injury from incorrect sharpening technique.

Furthermore, the user-friendly set is designed to make knife sharpening quick, safe, and easy. For the best results, you should soak the stone in water for 10-15 minutes before use and keep it wet while sharpening. Unlike many other whetstones on the market, Blade Revival whetstones use only water for sharpening - no more expensive sharpening or honing oils.

Get Your Blade Revival Kit Today

When you purchase the new knife sharpener stone set, you will receive a 90-day warranty covering damage resulting from routine use or product quality defects.

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