Professional Cross Channel PPC Lead Generation & Management For B2B Companies

Jul 3, 2023

Does your business maintain a healthy online presence, but still fails to secure the leads you need? 120/80 can help with their full-service PPC marketing management service.

In the digital marketing world, no metric is more important than conversion rate. As you know, raising your conversion rate is the ultimate goal of your marketing efforts, but in a world where potential clients are exposed to a truly ludicrous amount of ad content at any given time, breaking through the visual noise is easier said than done.

Getting ahead in this current digital marketing landscape requires a lighter touch, and 120/80 can help you achieve it. Their digital marketing and PPC management services can help you reach out to existing leads on an individual level, making them much more likely to convert while also cultivating a personable, human brand image.

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You can now enlist the firm to develop and execute cutting-edge multi-channel lead generation strategies. Using a combination of SEO research and data analysis, the firm is able to create high-impact content designed to target your company’s existing audience to maximize conversion potential.

Through this service, you can easily expand your reach across Google, Youtube, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Quora.

Their firm specializes in retargeting, or rather, in pursuing previously acquired leads who failed to convert, but who may still convert in the future.

These PPC solutions will allow you to conserve your ad spend budget and maximize the efficiency of ad campaigns across all platforms. The firm has found through market research that over 50% of the budget of a typical B2B service provider may go towards advertising, a figure which the firm aims to reduce.

The firm also provides a wide range of supplementary services that are available to all clients, but which may be especially helpful for digital B2B companies. CRO, SEO, and eCommerce marketing automation are all on offer from the firm, and may help to further bolster your company's online presence.

The methods used by 120/80 have been developed over several years through pan-industry data collection and analysis efforts. Many of the case studies that form the basis of the firm’s methodology are available to view on their website; some clients listed in these studies reported traffic increases in excess of 600% from baseline using these services.

As they say, modern problems require modern solutions, and that is exactly what 120/80 can provide. Their carefully developed strategies will empower your team to boldly and aggressively market your services to increase conversion rates in no time at all.

120/80 is available to provide you with a custom proposal based on your specific needs. More information regarding the company’s broad range of digital marketing management services, including their PPC management service range, is available at the link below.

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