Professional Bill Negotiation To Reduce Expenses During Unstable Job Periods

Jul 5, 2024

Are you worried about an unstable job and the current cost of living? With Recession Resister, you can reduce your monthly expenses – and you don’t have to pay a penny upfront!

If you're working in an unstable job, you're not alone. In fact, 60% of Americans face job insecurity according to American Compass. Don't let your monthly utility bills add to your stress – with Recession Resister, you can cut costs in a big way!

Save money on your next bill at

Are you paying too much?

The Recession Resister team explains that - based on its industry research and previous case studies - 80% of people could be overpaying for their utility bills, such as gas, electric, and telecom. To help meet the needs of those worried about job loss in the future, many of these recurring bills can be audited and reduced at no upfront cost.

Recession Resister can negotiate substantial savings on a range of services, including trash and refuse collection, cellular plans, water bills, satellite television subscriptions, and more.

The specialists will thoroughly review years' worth of billing statements, identifying any overcharges or errors that may have occurred, and when discrepancies are found, the company will work to obtain refunds on your behalf.

Nothing to pay until you save

You can potentially decrease your monthly expenses while also recouping any overpaid amounts from previous billing cycles - and Recession Resister only ever charges 50% of the savings realized, so there is no risk to trying the service.

However, it is crucial to note that many states have a 36-month cutoff period for reporting overcharges, making it important for you to act promptly. Recession Resister recognizes this and is poised to help when you need it.

Just upload your bills to get started

The onboarding process for the Bill Saver program is straightforward and user-friendly. You simply need to upload your recent billing statements through the secure online platform, and within days, the company's negotiators will begin contacting the respective service providers, initiating the process of securing lower rates and identifying potential refunds.

A spokesperson states: "Bill Saver saves you money without wasting your time. Now you can save the money you’re overpaying and spend it on things that matter. Go on that family vacation, put more toward the college fund, or take some 'me' time. You deserve it and you’ve got time."

Don't let another month go by without getting the savings you deserve!

Check out for expert bill negotiation services!

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