Product Reviews More Popular As Inflation, Debt Deepen Gen Z Financial Woes

May 9, 2024

Virtually all younger buyers look up product reviews online – and it’s not just because they’re on a shopping spree, says info site Consumer Review Hub.

Young consumers are increasingly invested in market research - with motives going beyond simply trying to find the best product for their needs.

Budget concerns are becoming more relevant, especially for younger demographics, says Consumer Review Hub - and that results in a new market that values in-depth consumer info more than their older counterparts.

Gen Z's Growing Financial Woes

Data cited by The Wall Street Journal shows that inflation, rent, and lower purchasing power are contributing to an increasingly financially insecure Gen Z, with lowering credit scores and higher debt as a result.

Young buyers are going on virtually unchanged salaries compared to 2020 - while median US rent is up by nearly a quarter, and Gen Z credit scores above 720 down by 24 points, on average, over the past two years.

Over 99.9% Of Consumers Shopping Online Read Product Reviews

Data from an extensive industry survey shows that virtually all US consumers read online reviews when shopping online - with Gen Z and Millennials making up the majority of online shoppers, and being particularly wary of outdated reviews - valuing "authenticity and real-time feedback" over other factors.

In-Depth Product Reviews Across Sectors

With a view to helping consumers make better choices, Consumer Review Hub is offering in-depth resources on a wide range of popular products.

One of its recent articles discusses VIRTUE hair products, with an overview of the brand and a pros-and-cons analysis of popular products such as the VIRTUE Density Booster and the VIRTUE Healing Oil.

Readers looking into fitness equipment will find a breakdown of various types of machines - from Peloton ellipticals, treadmills, and stationary bikes to resistance machines, to SunHome home gym setups and many others. The report concludes with a section helping users choose fitness equipment that meets their needs, citing factors such as space, time, and budget, among others.

Fresh Reviews Added Regularly

Consumer Review Hubs will continue to expand its range of resources to cover the latest releases in popular categories - and provide useful, actionable tips that consumers can use to buy quality products at smart price points.

“With the rapidly evolving nature of the consumer industry, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest advancements,” a company representative said. “That’s where Consumer Review Hubs comes in. We strive to keep you informed about the most recent releases, as well as the innovative features and functionalities they offer.”

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