Product Guide For Epoxy Adhesive: Master Structural Repairs With Pliogrip 770

May 31, 2023

The Autobody Source is back with another informative and in-depth guide, this time tackling the powerful epoxy adhesive called Pliogrip 770.

Sometimes, vehicle parts just come undone. But as this report from The Autobody Source shows, Pliogrip 770 can help you solve that problem.

The guide showcases the features and applications of Pliogrip 770, a specially formulated epoxy known for its enhanced toughness, resilience, and durability. Through the video, the company seeks to empower shop owners like you who are choosing adhesives for repair jobs.

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The report offers an in-depth overview of Pliogrip 770, providing valuable insights into its performance and showcasing step-by-step instructions for proper application. You can leverage this resource to enhance your knowledge and master the techniques required to achieve optimal results.


Pliogrip 770 has earned the approval of General Motors and meets OEM specifications, making it a popular choice for collision repairs. Designed for replacing factory-bonded structural components, this adhesive is especially useful when you replace quarter panels, rear body panels, front frame rails, and strut towers.

The guide highlights Pliogrip 770’s flexible nature, which provides excellent impact resistance that prevents unnecessary airbag deployment. The adhesive's compatibility with clean, abraded bare metal surfaces ensures a reliable bond, while the inclusion of 10-millimeter beads makes bond gap control effortless. Furthermore, the purple color is specifically designed to match OEM adhesive, so you can create a seamless look.

Another key aspect discussed is the adhesive’s quick drying times. Reviewers note that open time lasts just 90 minutes, while work and clamp times are 120 minutes and 10 hours, respectively. You can further accelerate the drying process by the application of heat.

A spokesperson says: “Pliogrip 770's enhanced durability and ease of application enable repair professionals like you to deliver exceptional results and ensure customer satisfaction.”

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Since its inception in 1992, The Autobody Source has been at the forefront of connecting collision shops with reliable repair solutions. It serves as a trusted resource that bridges the gap between autobody products, brands, warehouses, jobbers, and body shop technicians. The company has a readership numbering over 100,000 individuals across its website and print publication.

When it comes to product information you can trust, The Autobody Source is the go-to destination. Check out its new report ASAP!

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