Problem-Solving Course For Social Entrepreneurs To Learn Perspective Positioning

Jan 19, 2024

You know you want to be a positive change-maker, but where to start? Macadamia Solutions’ Problem Perspectives course on Udemy can help you identify exactly which important problem you’re destined to solve.

The amount of problems that need solutions in today's world is overwhelming. Ready to identify which problem you're uniquely positioned to throw your heart and sweat into solving?

Macadamia Solutions' Problem Perspectives course can teach you how to define your problem comprehensively, so you know exactly where and how to start creating your solution. Find out more at

Problems & Perspectives

According to Steven Wright, problems, in the context of his course, "are essentially unmet human needs". He explains that the best problems for people to solve are ones that are both important to the world at large and that they are truly passionate about themselves.

Since the pandemic, we've seen a sharp rise in social entrepreneurship and the demand from consumers that businesses operate with social responsibility. For entrepreneurs and businesses to be effective in their social responsibility, they need to understand exactly which problems are most impacted or even created by their industry. The closer you get to fully understanding the problem, the closer you'll be to fully understanding its solution.

Macadamia Solutions' Course on Udemy

As the course's creator and instructor, Steven Wright, explains, "Technology researchers, business professionals, social entrepreneurs, product developers, all need to ensure that they are working on solving problems that matter."

Macadamia Solutions hopes to provide entrepreneurs and other professionals with the intellectual tools needed to develop and refine their problem statements. The course will teach you how to define your problem systematically, not by just "coming up" with something that seems like a problem, which will make solving it abstract and potentially impossible.

In the Problem Perspectives course, you can expect to generate an initial problem statement and then create alternative problem statements from various perspectives. From there, you'll evaluate all of your problem statements to select the most effective one or potentially combine elements from multiple statements. You'll look at your problem from geographic, temporal, and professional perspectives.

Macadamia Solutions' Problem Perspectives course includes a 1-hour on-demand video with full lifetime access on multiple devices, 9 downloadable resources, and a certificate upon completion.

About Macadamia Solutions

CEO of Macadamia Solutions, Steven Wright, is an engineer, professor, lawyer, and entrepreneur with an MBA, Ph.D., and J.D. He has international negotiating experience in the global technology industry and has worked with various reputable companies, including Fujitsu, AT&T, and Alcatel. Steven Wright and Macadamia Solutions are dedicated to mentoring burgeoning entrepreneurs and technology professionals to approach their work with a strong social conscience.

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