Print Shops Can Boost Profitability With Professional Bill Negotiation Services!

Apr 1, 2024

Does your organization need to boost profits? Recession Resister offers their Bill Saver platform, a professional negotiation tool to help your business reduce spending and increase cash flow.

If your business has been running in the red recently, don't panic! With professional contract negotiation services, the Bill Saver tool from Recession Resister can get the cash flowing for your company once again.

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The negotiation and savings tool helps your organization identify areas of financial waste and reduce unnecessary spending.

As the cost of utilities continues to rise for many small businesses across the United States, the professional negotiation services and Bill Saver system from Recession Resister allows your business to obtain more competitive contract rates in areas like telecommunications, internet, security, pest control, and water delivery.

Keep Profits Flowing

Recent statistics from Forbes show that the top reason small businesses fail is due to financial challenges, as 38% of all new businesses collapse after exhausting cash reserves and running out of capital. As it helps locally-owned print shops and other small businesses keep the profits flowing, the Bill Saver platform takes some of the burden off you as a business owner.

“If you’re like many companies, you are likely overpaying for many of your daily services,” explains a spokesperson. “With Bill Saver, our smart technology and team of negotiation experts ensure you’re not being overcharged. We work to reduce your bills so you can sit back and watch the profits increase.”

Save Time & Money

Bill Saver’s team of professional negotiators will contact your regular service providers in a number of utilities areas - like electric, natural gas, cellular, internet, and waste management - to negotiate new contracts and better rates. You don't need to take any action or change existing plans - it's all done for you!

When a better rate is identified elsewhere, the energy auto switching function will move your accounts automatically, saving you precious time and money.

Reduce Consumption

The utilities saving tool’s bill auditing component includes an in-depth analysis of your corporation's past spending over several years to identify potential refunds and reductions. They’ll also look at energy-guzzling appliances, like HVACs or coolers in your workplace environment, to find additional ways to reduce overall consumption.

Finally, as a Bill Saver client, you can get help with tax strategies and HR protocols, as the expert team will help maximize credits and improve your employee retention and turnover rates, as well as reduce unnecessary spending on merchant processing services and other related areas.

Don't risk your business getting further into debt - get started with Bill Saver today!

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