Prevent Workplace Bullying With This Employee Management Group in Walsall UK

Mar 3, 2021

Learn how to identify and address workplace bullying with the new educational resource by Josie Hastings Associates in Walsall, United Kingdom. The employee management guides teach strategies that prevent office harassment.

Every manager dreads hearing these two words: “I quit!” But when further pressed, employees often resign due to preventable circumstances such as office bullying. As a manager, it is your responsibility to not only prevent this from happening but knowing how to identify it in the first place. 

Josie Hastings Associates, an employment management training company based in Walsall, United Kingdom, announces new resources to help managers identify and deal with workplace bullying and harassment. The resources are supplementary tools to founder Josie Hastings’ latest book, “It Stops Now!”

Go to today to learn how to spot inappropriate behaviours! 

The company offers free guides and blogs on a range of challenging issues managers face with their employees, including recognising and addressing harassment and bullying. These resources support the new book, “It Stops Now!” written by Josie Hastings, which teaches managers everything they need to know to deal with harassment and bullying in their workplace fairly and effectively. For more information on the book, please visit

The latest workplace studies have found that more than 70% of employees have observed or experienced workplace bullying or harassment at work in the last three years. 

This prompted Josie Hastings to publish her book, “It Stops Now!” last year. The book details strategies that managers can use to identify and resolve these subtle examples of workplace bullying or harassment in addition to the more obvious examples.

To accompany her book, Hastings launched an online course on harassment and bullying for managers and staff. The course is interactive and uses professional actors-coaches to illustrate how to address different forms of harassment or bullying. More details are available at

These resources empower managers to be proactive in addressing inappropriate behaviour in their teams early to avoid situations escalating. 

Josie Hastings Associates also provides bespoke interactive face to face or virtual workshops with specialist trainers and actor coaches for a range of clients and sectors. These workshops help managers develop the skills to manage challenging situations with their employees, including harassment and bullying, discrimination, poor performance and sickness absence.

A satisfied Learning and Development Manager wrote, “This highly experiential workshop has provided an outstanding development experience for delegates and emerged as one of the most highly rated elements of our management development programme.”

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