Prevent Gum Problems With Removable Retainers From This Brantford Dental Clinic

May 25, 2023

If you’re all done with braces and looking for a retainer to keep your teeth straight, let the experts at Schacher Orthodontics (1-844-996-9678) in Brantford help find the right one for you!

Even as we get older, our teeth are constantly shifting. To correct this shifting, we’ll wear braces and other aligners, but when those appliances are removed, the teeth will want to shift again. The only way to ensure that your teeth don’t shift after treatment is to consistently wear a retainer, and Schacher Orthodontics in Brantford offers the best options when it comes to retention devices.

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Depending on your budget, you can opt for a traditional wire-and-plastic Hawley retainer or one of the new clear plastic retainers. Both options do the same job, but in the case of the clear plastic retainer, it is much less noticeable when worn.

According to Schacher Orthodontics, it no longer recommends fixed retainers due to the gum problems they can cause and the challenges they present when brushing and flossing. They recommend that patients with a fixed retainer consider replacing it with a removable one.

“We used to use this type of retainer however with the advancement in orthodontic retention and the new clear plastic retainers, this type of retainer is not recommended by our office,” the practice stated on its website, adding that they should be worn indefinitely until the desired correction is achieved.

Studies show that as many as 25% of all retainer wearers don’t use the devices as directed. This can be for any number of reasons, but usually, it has to do with discomfort, aesthetics, or functionality.

Schacher Orthodontics said that removable retainers address many of these issues, as they can be removed easily when you’re brushing or flossing. It, however, advised that wearing removable retainers comes with responsibilities, such as adhering to periodic checkups and replacements when the material gets worn out.

This also means keeping it away from any extreme heat or cold that may warp or crack the plastic. Similarly, the retainer should also be kept clear of pets, because they tend to chew on them. As far as cleaning the retainer, a simple brush with liquid soap or denture cleaning solution before and after use will do the trick!

“I had braces when I was a child but I didn’t wear my retainer and as a result, my teeth started to shift again,” said a satisfied patient. “Now, a few months removed from my second spell with braces, I wear my retainer every day. Schacher Orthodontics makes them discreet and unobtrusive so I’m way less self-conscious about wearing them as an adult. I can’t thank them enough.”

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