Prescription Dry Eye Syndrome Glasses With Silicone Eyecups For Dust Protection

Sep 7, 2023

Buy the perfect pair of dry eye syndrome glasses today from A Sight For Sports Eyes. These glasses can also be adapted to prescription lenses so you can be comfortable anywhere and everywhere!

Do you suffer from dry eye syndrome? Are you tired of regularly using eye drops for your condition? One of the more underrated solutions for dry eye syndrome is wearing specially-made glasses for them. Dry eye syndrome glasses are designed with frames that block out pollutants, preventing them from becoming dehydrated.

A Sight For Sports Eyes carries prescription dry eye syndrome glasses and sunglasses. These glasses relieve dry eyes naturally by blocking wind, pollen, dust, and other airborne irritants due to their silicone eyecup protection foam.

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The company also carries moisture chamber glasses with a climate control seal. One of the more popular designs is the Wiley-X Airrage Sunglasses, which fit small to medium faces and come with a temple strap for better comfort. This particular brand exceeds ANSI Z87-2003+ high-velocity safety standards and allows cool air to enter the frame naturally while also blocking windborne irritants.

Another popular design is the 7Eye by Panoptx Ziena Kai. This is recommended if you chronically suffer from dry eye, even with regular eye drops. The thin membrane by the rim of the glasses gives them a sleek and sophisticated look while still offering superior protection. Please be reminded that this brand only offers prescriptions from +4.00 to -4.00 and less than 2.50 astigmatism, but other models may be available for higher prescriptions.

Still don’t know which one you want? Not a problem! There are so many other designs, colors, and features on the website! Simply browse the website and find the right pair for you! One great piece of advice is to look at the features first before deciding on a design!

A Sight For Sports Eyes was launched in September 1996 to provide high-quality sportswear glasses to the public. Moreover, it also acted as an education hub to teach people about the dangers of eye injuries and how to avoid them with the proper eyewear.

It was founded by Shannen Knight who is a board-certified optician. She has spent the last two decades educating the public about the growing risk of eye injuries, especially among the youth.

A spokesperson for the company wrote, "We offer cutting-edge technology in our prescription lenses, including Transitions, Polarized, and Trivex materials, all made from high-quality manufacturers such as Essilor, Zeiss, Hoya, and NXT. In addition, digital free form technology, the most advanced lens technology in the industry which allows for a wider field of vision than traditional edged lenses, is available for most of our sports glasses or with most manufacturer direct lenses."

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