Premium Tilt-Body Grille Guards For Medium-Duty Chevrolet C4500 & C6500 Trucks

Mar 21, 2024

Need a grille guard that can accommodate the forward-opening hood of your medium-duty Chevrolet, Ford, or International truck? Go for Go Industries, Inc.’s latest tilt-body grille guards! Call them at (800) 527-4345 to learn more!

If you’re the owner of a Chevrolet C4500, a Ford F750, an International CV515, or any other medium-duty truck with a hood that opens outwards, you may be struggling to find a grille guard that can fit your vehicle. Luckily, Go Industries has just the thing for you! Staying true to their reputation as paragons of innovation, they’ve developed a grille guard specifically for vehicles like yours!


Uncharted Territory for Front-End Protection

Go Industries’ latest products provide you with front-end protection options that were previously unavailable for certain models of medium-duty trucks. Because Chevrolet C4500 to C6500, Ford F650 to F750, and International CV515 series trucks are designed with the hood attached to the grille, a traditional grille guard would prevent the hood from opening, rendering oil changes and other maintenance work impossible. It kind of defeats the purpose of having a grille guard, doesn’t it? Just a little.

Luckily, Go Industries is here! To address this problem, they’ve developed their ET004 and ET005 grille guards, which feature forward-tilt articulation to allow for easy access to the hood of the vehicle they are installed on, regardless of the design. So no matter what direction your hood opens, the grille guard will tilt with it, if necessary!

And the best part? They’re manufactured right on US soil. That means you’re guaranteed top quality!

No Drilling and Cutting Required

There are tons of applications for these neat grille guards. They’re suitable for fire trucks, tow trucks, law enforcement vehicles, and other types of trucks. They can even be mounted securely onto the vehicle without any cutting or drilling, as they are kept in place by a locking mechanism with two OEM-style latches and safety pins on either side of the unit. 

Each grille guard is fully welded with headlight brush guards, a laser-cut center screen, and a black-textured powder coat finish. Furthermore, the products come with winch trays that will hold winches of up to 16.5k, allowing them to accommodate most brands. 

Want more front-end protection for your truck? You can complement the ET004 or ET005 with Go Industries’ medium-duty bumper replacements. The company also offers other aftermarket accessories that you can install to improve the performance of your vehicle. If it’s got to do with trucks, Go Industries has got it!

The Industry’s Top Innovators

Founded in 1978, Go Industries has over 40 years of experience in metal fabrication and grille guard design. The company is the first manufacturer to invent a grille guard that could accommodate forward-opening hoods, reflecting their passion for innovation.

If you’ve been on the search for US-made, premium-quality grille guards, consider that search over! Whatever your needs are, Go Industries has you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Order your grille guard today and keep trucking forward!

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