Premium Pivot Doors With Contemporary Designs For Los Angeles Upscale Homes

Jun 11, 2024

Looking for ways to impress your guests before they even enter your home? Panda Windows & Doors’ luxury pivot doors will do the trick. Call them at (888) 246-1651 to learn more about your options in Los Angeles!

The door is the first thing people come in contact with when they enter your home, so when it comes to making a lasting impression, that’s a good place to start. If you want to go all out on bespoke, memorable designs that are blended perfectly with modern technology, Panda Windows & Doors’ premium pivot doors are the best choice! As experts in custom window and door design, the company will help you make a door that will suit your aesthetic and engineering needs, whatever they may be!

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Sleek, Luxurious Look

Pivot doors have become more popular in recent years due to their unconventional designs, says Panda Windows & Doors. Because they rotate on a pivot pin, they can support heavier door panels than traditional hinge doors, making them ideal for exceptionally large entryways. The company adds that the absence of hinges results in a uniquely uncluttered look, allowing the doors to complement modern, minimalist architectural designs.

The Panda Difference

The custom pivot doors made by Panda Windows & Doors are manufactured from high-quality 6063-T6 aluminum and will not warp even with heavy daily usage. Additionally, because aluminum is resistant to corrosion and rot, the doors can withstand coastal climates, inclement weather conditions, and extreme temperature fluctuations without losing functionality. Aluminum is also compatible with Panda Windows & Doors’ thermal break technology, which can vastly improve energy efficiency.

While the doors are available in a number of standard sizes, the company offers flexible sizing options that can accommodate entrances up to 24 feet tall and 10 feet wide. You can also request transom windows, sidelites, and other decorative glass options. If you want more of a view, just get a door with more glass! The best part is that these can be made with double- or triple-glazed glass, further reducing heat loss and shielding the interior of the home from UV rays. 

For the company’s Voyage Select line, you have the choice of more than fifteen contemporary designs inspired by different locations around the world. Want a door that no one else in the world has? You’re also free to create your own design. The sky’s the limit!

No, really. The doors in this selection come in larger sizing options and can be fitted to entrances up to 24 feet tall. Additional premium customization options are available, including electronic locks, biometric security systems, automation, and integrated LED lights. Now that’s the perfect blend of top-tier designs and engineering marvels! 

Over Three Decades of Bespoke Designs

Panda Windows & Doors has been developing and manufacturing custom-made luxury windows and doors for over 30 years. The company’s window and door systems now see wide use in residential and commercial properties throughout North America.

If you want one of their award-winning pivot doors for your own home, then Panda Windows & Doors is just a phone call away. Get in touch with them today to get a pivot door made specifically for your home!

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