Pre-Order A Copy Of Himiko Sadiki’s Inspiring Autobiographical Book On Divorce!

Apr 28, 2021

Himiko Sadiki’s new autobiography book can be pre-ordered before its launch on May 1. The autobiography talks about her journey towards self-love after a divorce.

Divorce is one of the most traumatic events that can happen to a person. If you are struggling with your life falling apart right now, an autobiographical inspirational book may be just what you need. Pre-Order Cuffed & Bound

California-based real estate industry leader, Himiko Sadiki, announces that her new autobiographical book, “Cuffed & Bound”, is available for pre-order before its official launch on May 1. The non-fiction book talks about Sadiki’s painful yet empowering journey getting to the other side of healed after it all falls apart.

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Despite the outward appearance of a professional businesswoman and successful real estate industry leader, Sadiki says that behind closed doors, she was struggling with her failing marriage, while embarking on becoming her ex-husbands submissive to bring her family back together. She wrote the book not only as an act of catharsis, but to help other professional women going through a divorce find solace and support.

The emotional and financial challenges of a divorce can contribute to increased stress, lack of sleep, and depression, according to mental health experts.

Despite the outward appearance of a professional businesswoman and successful Real Estate Industry Leader, Sadiki says that behind closed doors, she was desperately trying to keep her family intake by becoming a submissive to her ex-husband and trying to be open to a poly lifestyle. She wrote Cuffed & Bound not only as an act of catharsis, but to help others get a glimpse of how we lose ourselves.

Going through the process of divorce while still maintaining a professional façade was one of the main challenges for Sadiki. She describes moments when she felt physically and emotionally exhausted finding a balance between her personal and work life.

Still, she pushed on until one day she burned her wedding dress with one of the very women he was in a past relationship with. Healing can not begin until you get honest with you. When a doctor makes an incision, healing doesn't start until that cut is made, Said Sadiki. Clawing her way back to who she was to become in this world. She wrote this book in hopes you too could find strength through her struggle. Sadiki admits that while the process was long, the goal of self-love is worth the initial sacrifice. The book’s title .

Cuffed & Bound is a story of struggle and its accompanying resolution.

Omachile O., Founder of Women in Redding, praised the book with, "Himiko shared a very vulnerable experience of her life in this book. When we become vulnerable so that others can learn and grow, we become a source of strength for others."

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