Pre-Engineered Steel Building Contractor Designs Modern, High-Tech Bus Stations

Mar 5, 2024

If your bus station needs an upgrade to keep passengers out of the elements, Reich Construction LLC’s (301-550-0540) full-service staff can tackle every phase of your project with their comprehensive planning services and low-cost, durable pre-engineered steel buildings.

Is your bus station something of an eyesore or constantly overcrowded? If you’re tempted to solve that problem by hiring separate teams for every part of the renovation process, then you should know there’s a more cost-efficient way to go about it that will give you better results as well.

Reich Construction LLC’s comprehensive prefab steel building services are a much cheaper alternative and give you much better quality control over the building process. See what they’re all about at

The Benefits of Pre-Engineered Steel

As metal building materials become more popular worldwide, companies needing metal contractor services are increasingly turning to pre-engineered steel buildings due to their longevity, aesthetic flexibility, and low cost. Reich Construction LLC meets this growing demand with its comprehensive pre-engineered steel building design and construction services, which now cover bus station building projects.

Take Advantage of a Booming Business

Reich Construction offers its services amidst a booming metal construction market: according to “Metal Construction News,” top contractors and erectors purchased 26% more metal in 2022 than in 2021. This increased supply is partly driven by heightened interest in the aesthetic benefits of metal structures in homes, apartment buildings, and public structures like bus stations.

From Ugly & Crowded to Elegant & Spacious

Reich Construction LLC's public structure projects include the reconstruction of a 40-year-old Greyhound bus terminal in Baltimore, MD. The company was able to replace a distressed, outdated, and often-overcrowded building with a new structure providing a capacious main hall and a butterfly roof over the loading area to protect passengers from bad weather. Its exterior now consists of large, modern glass curtain walls and a high-tech metal skin.

Full Services = Cost Savings & Superior Quality Control

Reich Construction LLC's full-service staff can handle the entire planning and building process for you, including engineering and design, permitting, budgeting, and construction. These services can save you the cost of hiring extra contractors for every phase of the project, and they give you better quality control over the building process.

The company will help you make the most of your building site and avoid costly mistakes in preparing your plans for approval. Their design team can meet all government structural, zoning, and code requirements in your area, and they have the cost estimating and budgeting experience to complete your project on time and on budget.

About Reich Construction LLC

Reich Construction LLC CEO and Head Architect Bruno Reich has been designing and constructing commercial and industrial buildings for 40 years. The company represents his fulfillment of a lifelong dream to master every part of the building process, from conception to occupancy.

“Early on in my career, I saw the need to combine emerging mass-production construction trends with the timelessness of old-world building crafts,” Bruno Reich says. “The results are beautiful buildings built efficiently. There is no substitute for hands-on experience and a passion for being the best. I offer my clients a lifetime of experience making inspiring projects a reality.”

With Reich Construction LLC's full-range planning, design, budgeting, and construction services, you can transform your bus station from an overcrowded eyesore that garners complaints from passengers into a modern, elegant, spacious accommodation that makes everyone happy and comfortable.

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