Pre-Engineered Metal Building Design & Construction For Commercial Projects

Mar 27, 2024

Replace the old-fashioned construction process with pre-engineered metal building construction to save on cost, preserve the environment, and get your project up and running faster. Reich Construction LLC (301-550-0540) is leading the way.

Unless you're developing a multi-story commercial or residential complex, you probably don't need to go the conventional construction route. Pre-engineered metal building construction offers you greater design flexibility, better cost-efficiencies, and a faster completion time without sacrificing on durability or appearance.

And when you partner with full-service, Reich Construction LLC, you'll even get better peace of mind. Find out how they can bring your project plans to life without blowing your budget at


When people are accustomed to doing something one way only for time immemorial, it's difficult to conceive of a better way of doing it, until that better way comes along.

This is the case with pre-engineered metal building vs. conventional construction.

Conventional construction typically involves various trades teams, a range of materials, longer timelines, protracted permit approvals, and unexpected cost overages.

Reich Construction prevents all those pitfalls with full, in-house, pre-engineered metal building design and construction services. By not outsourcing talent, Reich Construction, LLC offers better control over your building's development and completion. They streamline your project for a higher return on investment, (ROI) and a hassle-free process you'll soon realize you actually enjoy.

Get architectural and engineering expertise, as well as budgeting, permitting, and skilled construction crews all "under one roof" when you partner with the good folks at Reich Construction LLC.


While the key difference between pre-engineered metal buildings (PEBs) and conventional construction is a more simplified process, there is a host of other benefits this lesser-understood approach can bring to your building project.

Here's just part of the list of good things PEBs offer:

  • Cost-effectiveness due to their efficient design, reduced labor costs, and shorter construction time.
  • Speed of completion because building components are manufactured off-site and erected on-site.
  • Customization options mean you enjoy layout, size, appearance, and finishing flexibility.
  • Durability and strength due to weather resistance and earthquake resistance.
  • Minimal maintenance due to pest resistance, rot resistance, and fire resistance.
  • Energy efficiencies for significant cost savings due to better airflow and more natural light.
  • Sustainability due to metal's recyclable nature and because there is less waste involved at the building site compared to conventional processes.

By pairing all these benefits with the efficiencies their full-service company brings, Reich Construction LLC gives you a building option that leaves conventional construction in the dust.

Architect and company CEO Bruno Reich explains:

“I get an enormous amount of satisfaction out of designing and inspiring a building, seeing it come to completion, and knowing it’ll be there for the next century. Our strength is in being able to handle projects from beginning to end in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.”

AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3

Reich Construction uses a simple process which they’ve perfected over the last 40 years to achieve your goals.

  1. Their permitting teams can save months - even years - on securing the government approvals you need for your project by meeting the structural, zoning, and code compliance requirements unique to your building's location.
  2. With decades of costing experience and solid supplier relationships, the company’s estimating and budgeting teams can offer competitive pricing on all your pre-engineered metal systems. This not only brings your project in on budget but also prevents supply-side inflation from derailing your plans.
  3. Reich Construction's highly skilled contractors and construction crews have encountered just about every challenge that can occur during construction and know how to address these issues. Their employees are given the most advanced training to stay up to date with the latest industry trends. 

Whether you're in charge of creating a new commercial building, industrial facility, aviation facility, or transportation hub, Reich Construction LLC has the expertise you can rely on to get the job done right. They'll walk you through the pre-engineered metal building process to show you how you can make the most of your project's budget and timeline, and will work closely with you to "nail down" all the details.

Pre-engineered steel buildings bring a lot to the table. Bruno and his team at Reich Construction LLC bring it all to life. Is it time you partnered with the industry's best? Reach out to ask a question, or to schedule a consultation, at

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